Um, hi.

Look! Everything here is shiny and new! This is what I spent my New Year’s Eve doing instead of finishing The Patron Saint of Liars. (Actually, I did manage to finish The Patron Saint of Liars before we went to a New Year’s Eve party. But only because the party didn’t start until 8:05. Yes, 8:05. We arrived fashionably late at 8:10.) All of my old links should work because Geof is made of magic (note: magic is sparkly, but he is not a vampire).

One of the things that I have felt bad about for a while is that when I did my homemade gifts last year, I opened it up only to the first three people. Don’t get me wrong – I loved making CDs for those three people. (I ended up making four. You can see them here: For April. For Kara. For Bethany. For Lydia.) But I felt bad for excluding people who happened to be not so near their computers at that particular moment. I feel that way sometimes about The Pioneer Woman’s contests. Sometimes they come and go before I have a chance to check her blog, and what if it was finally going to be my turn to win a mixer but I missed it because I was reading or something? Stupid reading. So, here’s my plan. The links to my blog and my feed will still work! But if you update your link or feed to my shiny new URL and leave a comment you will be entered in a drawing. And there will be three winners drawn at random out of a hat. By Mike. It will probably be a Greensboro Grasshoppers hat, if you were wondering. And I will make each of the winners a mix CD because I like making mix CDs. And we’ve gotten some new music. So leave me a comment by January 8th saying you updated your link or your feed (or even just your bookmark) or whatever, and maybe you will win a mix CD. Yes, this is really just an excuse to give away mix CDs, which I was planning on doing anyway. But this way I get audience participation! (This is much better than if I sewed you a pillow or something, trust me.)

Photo shamelessly stolen from April, who sent me a homemade gift. Because I didn’t manage to take any pictures of my own gifts before I sent them last time.

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