The state of the house.

Which does greatly affect the state of the union, let me tell you. Yesterday I swept and mopped and vacuumed in a futile effort to fight the mess. I did not dust. I am not dusting until this is all over with. And maybe then I will develop magical powers that allow me to dust without having to actually do anything. Or maybe the dust fairy will come and take all my dust and leave me cash instead.

Many people have asked to see what things look like here these days. So here is a photo tour of the way things are looking here. I am going to start from the beginning.

One day, they knocked all the brick off the back of our house. (Including one brick in our sunroom. We currently have a rag stuffed into that hole. Because we are super classy like that.)

Those windows are going to be reused. The larger one will go back into our bedroom and the smaller one in our new laundry room.

Here you can see one of the infamous doors to nowhere.

Here is the new brickwork being laid.

Here you can see that our old heating and air conditioning unit is gone. (Also going away? That green siding.)

Here are some of the things that are happening inside. You can see here how these three separate closets are going to be one big closet! Yay!

This is what the end of our hall looks like as we are trying to keep out the cold. (It has been very very cold.) Isn’t that charming? There used to be a door there. Now I am imagining lots of family photos on that wall.

This will be our laundry room:

This is a not-very-good shot of the shower, but you can sort of see the bench in there:

Our glorious new closet (and notice all the natural light from the skylight!):

Future linen closet:

Future, ahem, water closet (will have a pocket door):

However. Even though we are sleeping on a mattress on the floor:

And our stuff is all in these:

I’ll have you know that some things never change:

(If these pictures don’t really make sense, that’s okay. I just wanted to give a general idea of how things are going. Full photo set here that we will continue to add to as we can. This week? Inspections!)

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