Friday’s good things.

I usually try to keep from talking too much about my good things on here before the end of the month. But today was a great day for several of my friends. There’s this thing that teachers can do called National Board Certification where you are able to teach anywhere in the country. So if you move, you don’t have to get re-certified in a different state. This is a big deal. Also a big deal? The 12% raise. So today was the day that they found out whether the months of hard work paid off. I woke up at 4:00 this morning and it was the first thing I thought about. (Second thing I thought about . . . want more sleep.) Two of my particular friends at my school passed, and one of my very great friends from church (and, you know, in life) passed. And I am so happy for them! It is such a wonderful thing! Also, I helped tape some of the videos for the two at our school and I am really glad that my poor videography skills did not cause them to fail!

And because Mike was going on the youth beach retreat, I went to see New Moon with a middle schooler from our church and her mom, and we had a delightful time. It was something I had mentioned in passing that ended up working out, and I am glad it did.

There is a giant hole in the back of our bedroom where all of our lovely new addition is going to be. And the old, tiny bathroom has been gutted. This is awesome because we can see how awesomely large our shower is going to be. And because we can actually walk into the other part and dance around in our future bathroom while basking in the sun from the skylight that my aunt insisted upon and it turns out she was right because it is amazing and we love it already. Only problem is that it’s actually still exposed to the elements somewhat. Which makes our bedroom kind of cold. And also a little scary for me to stay in by myself. I mind the fear more than the cold. I am not used to staying by myself. I need Alisa to move back in on nights like these so I have someone else in the house. Anyway. I should have posted this earlier so that I could take a poll about whether I should stay on the couch and be near Big Bunny or sleep in our room and face my fears. Any opinions on this topic?

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