Breakfast nook.

In a feature I like to call, “Ask and ye shall receive,” Geof made me a little search box over there on the right. You have to scroll down under my categories and things. This will probably be the most useful for those of you who like my book posts. (All three of you.)

Once we got our sunroom tiled, we started moving things around. Things like furniture. This is UNHEARD OF. I never move things around! No, seriously, I don’t like to move things around. Plus, we have small spaces, and I only feel like certain things fit in certain areas. But I was willing to try it. So we moved this-here table into the sunroom:


And then the plan was to buy a little table. A little round table. Do you know how many places I looked for little round tables? Hint: a lot of places. I couldn’t find anything. I finally found one online at Pier 1 (but it is not online anymore, I am sorry to tell you, so I cannot link it). I went to the store to look at it and I found a different one that was much uglier that was half the price. So I bought it. I figured we could paint it or something. What I did not know is that when Mike worked for the interior designer all those years, he learned some magical spray paint tips. Including something he called “antiquing.” He took care of the spray paint situation, is what I am saying, and now the table is not ugly at all. Who knew?

Anyway, here is our breakfast nook. This whole corner looks much better, what with the window treatments and the new table to go with these chairs. I am very happy with how it’s turned out. On to the sunroom!



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