By my Window have I for Scenery.

I know that it’s the 4th of July and people won’t really be around today, but I promised my mom I would get her some pictures of the final results of what she and I did yesterday.


Exactly six months later (because they were finished yesterday), we have some window treatments going on in here. I guess tacking it up would have been faster, but it is still decidedly not my style, and I didn’t mind waiting until I could do what I actually wanted. This is what I wanted, internet! And Mom! I am so happy with them!

We did not find an L-shaped rod, but my aunt discovered that there are joints that you can use to put two rods together. Unfortunately, it ended up not working in our tiny corner there. We just had to hang two rods, but I think it looks fine. Mike and I had to go through great pains to hang those rods. Specifically I went through great pains when the rod hit my foot and left a mark. I considered taking a picture of my wound to show you, but that seems somewhat gross. Let’s focus on my pretty windows instead.


We actually have some big changes coming up in that corner. Next week, our sunroom is going to be tiled (fare thee well, stupid carpet that still has the imprints of the furniture of the lady who lived here) and we are going to move that table into the sunroom after the tile is finished. I have two chairs like the one that is already in our kitchen (they are surprisingly comfortable as well as being cute) and we are going to find a low table to put between them and have that be a nice sitting corner for chatting and drinking coffee. And my great-grandmother’s begonia. I am going to keep it there because I remember to water it in that corner.

Any suggestions on where I should go to get a low round table (like a bistro table but those would be too tall)? I can’t wait to show you the changes to the sunroom once they are finished. Meanwhile, I am looking for the perfect rug for our about-to-be-tiled floor. (It is hard to do rug shopping on the internet. You never know if the colors are exactly what you are wanting.)

The title quote comes from a poem by Emily Dickinson.

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