I may have to stretch the definition of “homemade.”

Last month, April had a post about homemade gifts and said that the first three people to comment would get a homemade gift from her. I commented, because . . . I guess because I am selfish. I like getting things in the mail. I think these sorts of internet things are nice – April and I really only know each other from reading blogs, but she still sent me a lovely homemade gift. She made me a bookmark because she knows I like to read.

Here is what the outside of the bookmark looks like:


Here it is on display in the book that I am reading (NEW MARY RUSSELL OMG!). Notice how I color-coordinated the bookmark and the cover:


(Just kidding, that was totally a coincidence. I am just not the kind of person who can manage to coordinate a book with a bookmark.)

And here is a full shot of it. It is so delightful.


According to April, the rules are that I have to send out three homemade gifts myself to the first three commenters on this blog entry. I am not so good with the homemade gifts unless they involve baking. However, I do have some ideas that do not involve baking. So I will do my very best. If you would like to win a homemade gift from me, please comment, and I will email you to get your address (and your interests if you are one of my silent readers)!

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