Good things for February.

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was too busy having fun in the snow. Guess what my good thing for March 2nd will be? TOO MUCH FUN TO LIST.

Feb 1 – The Male Bakeoff took place. Also, there was a great sermon at church and the Super Bowl party we went to had food that was superior to all other Super Bowl party food. Sorry you missed out.
Feb 2 – I wore my library sweater (that I fixed the buttons on).
Feb 3 – We woke up to snow on the ground!
Feb 4 – We had dinner at Mellow Mushroom. Beer, cheese, bread, and mushrooms. What’s not to like?
Feb 5 – We went to the UNCG vs. Davidson game.
Feb 6 – This was not a great day. Relaxing in the evening was the best part.
Feb 7 – We watched The Sound of Music. Which is, in my opinion, the greatest movie musical. The hills, they are alive.
Feb 8 – It was so warm that we could read outside in the hammock. And we did.
Feb 9 – We saw The Reader. It is fun to have a job where we can go see matinees.
Feb 10 – My after-school meeting was blessedly short.
Feb 11 – Yoga was nice.
Feb 12 – Went to a cooking class with my mom.
Feb 13 – Abraham Lincoln’s 200th birthday party.
Feb 14 – We made chocolate pancakes with Alisa.
Feb 15 – I did so much cleaning around the house and watched an excellent Amazing Race premiere (cheese)!
Feb 16 – I wrote a paper for class and finished a book.
Feb 17 – Mike drove me to class because he is nice.
Feb 18 – Got deliciously scared reading Coraline and went to Randy’s birthday party.
Feb 19 – The PTSA provided a CHOCOLATE FOUNTAIN for our after-school meeting.
Feb 20 – Mike surprised me by taking me to our favorite restaurant.
Feb 21 – We bought a pizza paddle and I successfully slid a pizza in the oven.
Feb 22 – I got to watch Slumdog Millionaire win a lot of Oscars.
Feb 23 – We cooked a delicious meal from a recipe I got in my cooking class.
Feb 24 – I got good parking when I went to class.
Feb 25 – I read an awesome book – The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. (Yes, I read it all in one day.)
Feb 26 – I had a Battle of the Books practice after school, and I pitted 6th grade against 8th grade. Which they all enjoyed very much.
Feb 27 – I invited myself over to our neighbors’ house for no apparent reason. And hung out for an hour. It was nice after a long, stressful week. I love our neighbors.
Feb 28 – After standing in the rain and cold because Alisa is our friend, we went to my mom’s house where she gave us new pants and made us coffee.

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