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Book geek. 4

I got this from Alissa. 1) What author do you own the most books by? Madeleine L’Engle. She has a whole shelf to herself (and some of her paperbacks don’t even live on that shelf)! 2) What book do you own the most copies of? The first Harry Potter, though we have it with both […]

Carrots and character education. 2

At school, the library is across the hall from the ISS room. Did you have ISS at your middle school? My middle school was so small that we didn’t have anything like that. We did have it in high school. I only went in the ISS room one time in high school, for a meeting. […]

The Forest of Hands and Teeth by Carrie Ryan 4

Stephenie Meyer has the vampires and the werewolves covered. So it’s about time that young adult literature tackled another legendary/undead creature – zombies. Are you in the mood for a zombie apocalypse? (Also, this is a good time to stoke the fires of the zombie/unicorn YA debate. I wish that I could be all tough […]

Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell 2

The experiment went like this. The social sciences building at the University of Michigan has a long, narrow hallway in the basement lined with filing cabinets. The young men were called into a classroom, one by one, and asked to fill out a questionnaire. Then they were told to drop off the questionnaire at the […]

Dipping my toe in. 9

Mike and I live across the street from a pool. Last year we were too busy (and broke) with the moving and the kitchen remodeling and the painting and the unpacking to do anything about the pool. We talked about the pool in a theoretical fashion. “Perhaps we should join the pool next year.” “Yes, […]

Did you fill out your brackets? 5

Even though it snowed a month ago, spring is now in the air. The sun is out and there is a cool breeze. It’s almost warm enough to try to come up with plans for having class outside. Remember college, when your professors would sometimes let you have class outside in the spring? I would […]

Bibliophobes can skip this one. 6

I have read some excellent books lately, but I sometimes find it difficult to write them up because I never know the sorts of things people want to hear about books. So I am going to give you the quick and dirty version of a few books I have read in recent days. And by […]

Carolina Harmony by Marilyn Taylor McDowell 0

Here’s the publisher’s description of Carolina Harmony: Carolina’s a runaway hiding out at Harmony Farm. Mr. Ray and Miss Latah treat Carolina as their own. For 10 years she lived easy with her parents in the North Carolina mountains. But it feels risky speaking about the accident that claimed them and her baby brother. And […]

Apparently I am all about celebrating random meaningless holidays in March. 4

First there was Mario Day. And today, 3/14, is Pi Day! Happy Pi Day. Perhaps you could celebrate by making a pie. And bringing me a piece. Or seven. (I just told Mike that we should have gotten married on Pi Day, as this site recommends, to show that, like Pi, our love will last […]

A sad song about two people who cannot be together. 2

This is Hank Green of Nerdfighter fame. Best line: “I hope someday his child will rip its way out of your womb.” I laughed so hard I had to pause so I did not miss more of the brilliance.

Your shadowed lives will be bathed in sunlight. 7

Unless I have one or two items and I am in a huge hurry, I usually choose not to do self-checkout at the store. I wouldn’t call myself the kindest, most compassionate person, but I do believe that the human interaction is important, and I try to make it count by being polite and looking […]

On putting away childish things. 7

When my mom was teaching, my brother and I would ride the bus to my grandma’s house after school. Our after school routine had the following components: snack, homework, card games, and Calvin and Hobbes. My family didn’t get the paper, but Grandma did, and she would always have the comics page out and ready […]

The ratio of unicorns to leprechauns. 5

This morning, I went for a run. As I was running past a park in our neighborhood, I looked down and saw some scraps of paper. And then I stopped, because I realized those scraps of paper had Dwight Schrute’s face on them. I collected them and ended up with five Schrute Bucks of my […]

Small graces. 3

I enjoy sleeping in because of two-hour delays. I enjoy that moment when a book that has started off kind of slow begins to pick up, when all of the characters who have been a jumbled mess begin to crystallize into individual people and you can start to see what they are doing and where […]

Good things for February. 1

I would have posted this yesterday, but I was too busy having fun in the snow. Guess what my good thing for March 2nd will be? TOO MUCH FUN TO LIST. Feb 1 – The Male Bakeoff took place. Also, there was a great sermon at church and the Super Bowl party we went to […]

It’s a magical world. 10

We are having the Best. Snow Day. Ever. School was called last night. Through the magic of Facebook, we invited our friend Rydell (who lives two doors down) to come and have breakfast with us. Mike whipped together a French Toast Casserole. In celebration of school being called, we made Alisa watch Dirty Dancing (she […]