There are pictures by four different cameras in this post.

I suppose you remember what Alisa’s bedroom looked like before and during the Great Wallpaper Removal? Well here is what it looked like the day she moved in:

She is more unpacked now, but you can see the nice brown color and how the room no longer looks like it houses a little old lady. So that’s progress, you know?

Now for her bathroom! I have this before picture.

In it you can see the wallpaper.

And in these, taken by Randy, you can see the toilet with the cushy seat and the faucet from the past with the weirdest handles any of us have ever seen (possibly they were for someone with arthritis? We’re not sure) and the tab on the faucet itself that allowed you to adjust the level of water coming out. You can see the weird fixtures and the bad lighting. And you can see the ugly ugly flooring.



Randy also took some “during” pictures.



And here are how things are looking now that we have a new tile floor, a new cabinet, a new sink, a new toilet, and new wallpaper-free walls. (The paint color is Benjamin Moore’s Wedgewood Gray. We like Benjamin Moore’s historical colors, in case you haven’t noticed.)




It’s hard to get a good one of the light fixture because there’s not a lot of natural light in that part of the house. Or, you know, any natural light in that part of the house. So I will distract you with this picture of me needing a haircut.


Anyway, there you have it. The new and improved bathroom! Mike and I are so jealous. As always, you can contact Randy if you would like for him to help you out. (No, he doesn’t give me a discount for saying that. But he should, don’t you think? Let’s all gang up on him and tell him so.)

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