Sweet barking revenge.

Mike and I usually hit the Boxing Day sales in order to pick up some things like Christmas sweaters. This year, JC Penney hooked us up with some new towels (fare thee well, old ugly inherited towels!) and I got some boots, and my favorite khaki pants were only $15! We didn’t really get any Christmas sweaters, and Mike, sadly, didn’t really get anything at all. Sorry, Mike. You can use one of our new towels if it will make you feel better.

But the best part of the entire day was when we saw our neighbors from our old house out and about at the mall. They said, and I quote, “Our new neighbors suck. Their dogs bark all the time.” Now, I gave the archives a quick scan, and I don’t know if I have ever talked about our old neighbors and their dogs. They had little yappy dogs, and their dogs freaked out on the following occasions: If I was getting in my car, if I was getting out of my car, if I was in my yard, if I was getting the paper, if I went for a run, if I was checking the mail, if I was mowing the lawn, if I was reading on the front porch, if I was reading on the back porch, if I was looking out my window. You will notice that all of these events took place on my own property (except for the run, which would be on public property, i.e. the road). I hated those dogs. Even Mike, who likes little yappy dogs, wanted to kick those dogs.

So, really, what I am saying is that Mike and I deserve a medal of honor. Because when they were complaining about the new neighbors’ dogs, all we said was, “That’s too bad.” But when we walked away, Mike (MIKE! Even-tempered, sweet-natured Mike!) said he was very close to saying, “Really? We used to have neighbors like that. It was really annoying.”

(I think he should have said it. They wouldn’t have gotten it anyway, and I like stirring the pot.)

(Good job, people who bought our house. I salute you. And your barking dogs.)

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