And let’s not even talk about how I burned my hand on the oven.

The Christmas baking did not go so well today. I think I haven’t gotten used to the new oven yet, so I kept overbaking the cookies. Not burning them, not even close. Just darker than I want. I am very picky about my chocolate chip cookies, which is something my new oven apparently does not understand.

But that’s okay. There’s always tomorrow. And tomorrow, our 5-year-old neighbor is going to come and help me cut out sugar cookies. I went over today to ask if she wanted to help, and as I waited on the doorstep, I felt very silly. “Can your daughter come and play with me?” Today she was going to see Santa, but she’s going to come and help me tomorrow. I am going to let her borrow my apron, and we are going to rock the house. I’ve still got sugar cookies and peanut blossoms to make. I thought she might be pretty good at getting those Hershey Kisses right in the middle. Her dad told me she likes to pretend she is Rachael Ray. Is that adorable or what?

(Maybe we’ll even make some more chocolate chip cookies to replace these that I’m so unhappy with. But I have baked with children before, so I am not counting on it.)

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