I knew that you were no ordinary cat.

First, this video rocked my world. I am not sure how I ever lived without it.

To understand the beauty of Spaghetti Cat, watch this clip from The Soup. Hat tip to Meg Cabot.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, I need to vent about one of my classes. There was one final assignment, and half of the students present on Wednesday, while the other half present next Wednesday. I was, unfortunately, in the group that had to present in the first week. The week after Thanksgiving. This is made especially difficult when your professor never returns your emails with your questions about the assignment. But, you know, I got through it.

One thing I haven’t gotten through is the fact that the students who present next Wednesday get a whole extra week to do their projects. This is not equitable. In order to make it more equitable, I suggested to my professor that those of us who already presented could maybe just have the week off. She laughed at me and said, “No, just think how relaxed you will be with it all over with.”

I do not think I will be relaxed next Wednesday. I think I will be insane with anger because there is no reason for me to be there and also some people got an extra week to do the project while I had to finish mine over my Thanksgiving vacation (and without professor assistance since she never answered any of my emails that were sent well in advance of Thanksgiving) and also my church is having their Christmas Banquet and I am going to have to miss it.

But I want to be relaxed. That sounds far superior to being insane with anger. So here are some of the ideas I have had about ways to be relaxed during class:

1. Wear pajamas. Pajamas are totally relaxing. My favorite pajamas have paperclips all over them and are very warm.

2. Bring an alcoholic beverage. Maybe some nice warm coffee with Irish cream? I’ll be so cozy in my pajamas drinking coffee!

3. Bring my own Christmas Banquet. Complete with candles and a tablecloth. I could just spread out on the back row of tables.

4. Bring a masseuse. That could totally be relaxing. What is more relaxing than a massage, I ask you? After I finish my Christmas Banquet, I could stretch out on the tables and get a massage. The tablecloth can serve both purposes!

5. Bring my mom. My mom is awesome. Hanging around her is relaxing. I would share my Christmas Banquet with her. (One of my friends suggested bringing an entire posse of friends. But it’s a small room, so maybe just my mom? What do you think?)

6. Bring Big Bunny. I love Big Bunny. Also, she would be so frightened that I could probably get her to sit on my lap. Alternately, I could let her attack all the cords in the room. I would find it very relaxing if she destroyed things.

How do these suggestions sound? Do you have any relaxing suggestions for me for my class? Maybe a nice relaxing playlist? A drinking game? Comfy slippers? What am I missing?

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