Lazy runner.

Mike has decided to get healthy, so he’s been running. You would think I would be happy about this, right? Yay for healthy hearts and living longer! And I do like those things. But his legs are longer than mine. And thus, he is faster than me. After being a runner for approximately 27 seconds. (Or two weeks.) This is deeply deeply discouraging. I know, I shouldn’t make everything about me. I shouldn’t take everything so personally. But, dangit! I can’t keep up with him and his longer legs. It makes me feel kind of like a failure.

The thing about me and running is that I never really seem to get any better. I can’t find the motivation to push myself any faster. I feel like, you know, getting out there and running is good enough. I don’t have to push myself all that much. In other words: I am lazy. Can you exercise regularly and still be lazy? It kind of sounds like an oxymoron. But I think that describes me.

All right, sign counts! Mike’s faster running may drive me crazy, but I have ammunition! The sign count drives him crazy. This does not mean I stop the sign count. No, indeed. The sign count gives meaning and purpose to my running. And maybe even my life. As I told Andrea today, I am in total despair about my favorite house. The giant “Free Speech” sign is no longer there. The giant “A woman belongs in the house . . . THE WHITE HOUSE!” sign is no longer there. The “Another Family for McCain” sign is gone. They don’t even have a regular McCain/Palin sign anymore. And I noticed yesterday that the flags are gone! The flags! They are gone! (Well, actually, the flags are sitting in sad little piles by the front steps, which is WORSE!) What does this mean? Have they given up? Was it a bet or a dare? Did the neighbors turn on them? Someone tell me what this means!?! One of the best parts of my day is now missing. My life now seems void of purpose.

(In case you were wondering, the giant sign thanking our troops? Is still up. So I guess there is something.)

Sorry to get so worked up about that. I am just really disappointed. I was really hoping that house was going to bring some more awesome over the next two and a half weeks.

On Monday, Mike and I went running for about 2 miles. Here were the totals:

McCain: 5
Obama: 8

Tonight, we ran a different two miles:

McCain: 7
Obama: 6

I don’t know how to interpret these numbers. Tonight was the first night that McCain has been ahead since the first time I reported the sign count. Interesting, right?

North Carolinians: Early voting has begun! You can get your vote on! (I am going to wait until election day, myself.)

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