Good things this week.

Overall, I am feeling a lot better than I did, say, two weeks ago at this time. I think my class assignments (for the classes I am taking) are spacing out a little bit better, and we got some good news tonight about not having to keep our online journals quite as much. Hooray!

Other good things this week:

-We are having dinner with my friend Kim tomorrow.

-We will be having dinner and seeing a play with Brian and Sarah on Friday.

-My students acted like angels when my professor came to observe my class. (ANGELS. WHO ARE THESE STUDENTS, AND WHERE IS MY ACTUAL CLASS?) (Actually, scratch that. I don’t want to know where my actual class is. Because they are probably up to some shenanigans. I’ll keep this one, thanks.)

-Speaking of which . . . The Amazing Library Race that I created actually worked! They did it! And they liked it! Yay!

-Mike made pumpkin pie.

-Our neighbor’s birthday was Saturday and we went to his birthday party. And stayed until 11:00 pm.

-When my back was hurting yesterday, Mike bought us a new heating pad. He is totally my favorite.

-I have been reading more this week. (My totals for this year are woefully bad. My brain, it is rotting.)

-I made an individual pizza for dinner.

-I bought new clothes on Sunday!

That house with all the awesome signage now has a new sign! And it’s another homemade one! Are you ready for it? I don’t have a picture, but it says, “A woman belongs in the house . . . THE WHITE HOUSE!” And it has another giant picture of Sarah Palin. I don’t know about you, but I am somehow getting the impression that these are Palin voters, not McCain voters. They really like some giant Sarah Palin at that house.

-The fact that the house with all the awesome signage doesn’t have the signs up when I am driving to work, but they do when I come home. I assume they take their signs down at night so they won’t get stolen. May I just say . . . driving by in the afternoons is one of the best parts of my day. I am always excited to see what will happen there next.

Simple pleasures, gentle readers. Life is all about simple pleasures.

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