Sign count: AWESOME.

This afternoon, I dropped off my carpool buddy and drove home. And then I saw a thing of beauty and a joy forever, something that made me turn my car around so I could drive by again. It was just that awesome.

In case you can’t read it, it says, “Obama supporters can steal our signs but not our right to free speech.” As you can see, I made Mike go back with me so I could take a picture of it. I asked him if he thought that it was some kind of official sign these people would have gotten from the McCain offices. Maybe something they printed due to rampant stealing. Mike pointed out that an official campaign poster wouldn’t make Palin look like a giant compared to McCain. Which is true. I hadn’t really considered that. It does make her look freakishly tall. And, if this comment is from the same guy, it does appear he had it made himself.

For the record, even though it should go without saying, I don’t support stealing signs. Stealing signs is lame. People should be able to put whatever signs they want in their yards. Also, if the signs get stolen, what will I count? But I have to confess that I kind of want to go steal that sign so I can hang it over my couch. Look at it. It’s awesome. And it’s not the only sign in the yard!

That one reads: “Thank you American Soldiers. 50,000,000 free Iraq/Afghanistan.” When I saw it this afternoon, I thought it said “50,000 free Iraq/Afghanistan” and I couldn’t figure out what the 50,000 free would be. This makes much more sense.

Looking at the signs and the flags and the general splendor, well, I have a theory. The people stealing the signs? Could just be the neighbors.

Official sign count for the day:

Obama: Just some regular yard signs, aka WEAKSAUCE.

(I hope you are impressed with the drive-by photography. The flash kind of broke while I was trying to take the picture, so I’m pretty sure we were spotted. Because we were sitting there for much longer than we intended. Probably we should consider careers as private investigators.)

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