If you’re in the kitchen, Mabel, come back in the front room.

This evening I went for one last run before the race I am running on Saturday.

(Aside: This race raises money for free mammograms for women who can’t afford them. Here is an actual conversation about that I participated in today.

OTHER TEACHER: So, what is this race all about?

KARI: It raises money for free mammograms for women who can’t afford them.

OTHER TEACHER: . . . How did you get involved with that?

KARI: I heard that this race has the best goody bags.

That’s right! I’m classy like that. I want some free stuff!)

As I was running, three teenaged “gentlemen” in a white car with Florida license plates drove by me and yelled, “Sexy!” To those gentlemen, I would just like to say, “The only reason I didn’t flip you the bird is because I was too busy keeping the McCain/Obama sign count on my fingers.” I am deeply dedicated to the sign count.

I have an interesting thing to report to you! Recent polls I have seen have put North Carolina in “too close to call” territory. (Oh, Dan Rather, what will we do on election night without you to talk about states being too close to call? And going on and on about how Florida is a hot tamale? Or was it Texas? No, I think Texas was a big taco. Those were the days.) Today’s run of 3.25 miles yielded the following results:

McCain signs: 5
Obama signs: 5

My neighborhood is also too close to call! Somebody get Dan Rather down here to talk about frogs with handguns.

I ran a route that I’ve never run before, but close to my house I did notice signs in yards that had not previously had signs. Most of the run was free of signs. Lush green yards uninterrupted by political signage. McCain pulled way ahead, and then, at the end, I had three Obama signs that tied things back up.

So that’s the end of the political content of this post. Except that I do want to say that we considered creating a drinking game for the VP debate that we are about to watch. Each of us could have one red cup and one blue cup. Whenever one of them said something stupid, we’d drink from the appropriately colored cup. Let’s face it, with the two of them, chances are high that something crazy will be said. But we are too lazy to actually organize things, so we’ll probably just sit and watch and drink something boring like water. It’s a school night, okay?

I actually think the chances are higher that Biden is going to say something crazy, because I don’t think there are going to be follow-up questions, and where Palin seems to make the statements that seem the craziest to me are when someone tries to pin her down. I’m not sure that’s going to happen, so she should be able to just stick to her talking points. Biden and his diarrhea of the mouth could make this one memorable. I love the debates. You just never know what’s going to happen.

Go ahead and say it: Kari is a NERD. It’s true. I can’t help it.

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