Things we have done to our house since moving in.

Just to prove how productive we have been. Since I didn’t take a lot of pictures before. And I’m waiting on things like rugs and blinds and pictures on the wall to take pictures now. You should go ahead and assume that most of the painting and dewallpapering was with assistance. Because it was.

Our bedroom:
-Painted it a lovely green to cover the icky light blue.
-Had a new fan installed.
-Put up curtain rods and curtains.
-Bought a TV so we can watch movies in our bedroom.

Our bathroom:
-Painted it a lovely green to cover the icky light blue.
-Put in a cabinet over the toilet since there was no actual cabinet space whatsoever.
-Bought a new mat.
-New toilet seat. (The one we had was cushy.)
-Put up new racks for our towels and bathrobes.

-Took down icky striped wallpaper (we had a lot of help).
-Painted a nice neutral beige (also had help here).
-Patched hole where weird humidity controller thing that no longer works was. (Though we haven’t actually painted over it yet. Stop judging us.)
-New light fixture to replace icky previous one.

-Same icky wallpaper removed, same new paint in its place.
-Another new light fixture!

Front room/library:
-Pulled up carpet.
-And staples.
-Painted a darker beige.
-Put up curtains and curtain rod.
-Had a fan installed.

Um, yeah.
-Do you want me to list all of those things?
-I mean, I can if you want.
-Okay, then.
-This is the room we had to pay people to help us with.
-We like to say that this room was sponsored by Lowe’s.
-Took down wallpaper.
-Took out cabinets and carpet and linoleum floor.
-New cabinets, new floor, new countertops.
-Painted fireplace.
-Painted laundry doors.
-Painted walls and trim.
-New stove and dishwasher.
-New light fixtures. In new places.
-Patched/painted ceiling.
-Put up shelves.

-Painted brick wall.
-Painted paneling.
-Painted trim.
-These things took an insanely long amount of time.
-Changed fixture on ceiling fan to bring it into this century.

-Lots of lists.
-Had locks changed.
-General unpacking.
-Smoke detectors.
-Fixed washing machine.
-BLINDS! Yay! Our blinds are in and soon they will be installed and I am so happy!

Things we still need to do:
-Take down wallpaper in one bedroom.
-Paint other bedroom.
-Finish that last bit of unpacking.
-Actually decorate.
-Work on things like window treatments now that we have blinds.
-New water saving toilet in hall bathroom.
-Actually do something to store our DVDs.
-Get the Big Chair back (it is being reupholstered).
-Deal with the brown doors.

Random things I cannot find:
My brown belt. (I had to buy a new one. But I really want the old one to be found.)
-My vanilla body spray.
-Our heating pad.
-A box of Mike’s school stuff.

As you can see, we have been very busy. This is my “What I Did This Summer” essay. A little bit late. I kept thinking I would compile the list, but I never actually got around to doing it. And I feel like I have probably forgotten a few things. Perhaps Mike can clarify what they were. (I still have the actual master lists that I made right after we moved in. Would you like to see them? I can take a picture if you would like to see how my mind works.)

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