Time to head for golden lights.

One of the things that teachers have to do is go to these fundraising nights that the school has at various restaurants. My school has them at Moe’s and Poblano’s (a local Mexican restaurant), but Mike’s school has them on the first Thursday of every month at McDonald’s. I hope you can all agree with me that Moe’s and Poblano’s are far superior to McDonald’s. I agreed to go with him to McDonald’s, but not to eat dinner there. I insisted on eating at home. Because we bought vegetables at the Farmer’s Market, and they kind of have to be eaten.

Speaking of the Farmer’s Market, we are probably going to go ahead and join the CSA that we were thinking about joining. We spoke to Mr. Dodge Lodge Farm about it this morning, and we are going to get a half share starting next week. It seems like it might be more vegetables than we need, but we’ll try it and see how it goes. One thing I like is that we get to go and pick out what we want, rather than just being assigned a bag. It’s very flexible.

Anyway, McDonald’s was packed out and also the sun was beating down in the front windows making the room approximately 150 degrees. And I didn’t know anyone but our neighbors and one of the 4th grade teachers, and I am so awkward in those situations. So while Mike was chatting, I got in the huge long line so that I could buy our sundaes with extra fudge. (Dessert first, then dinner.) And that ended up being a mistake, too, because all the people were there for his school and they all knew each other and I just stood there like a lump. I am so awkward in situations like that. I am sure that in the future, more people will know who I am, but Mike is new, so they don’t even know who he is yet. And then I spilled my water on the floor, and seriously, you just can’t take me anywhere.

Here is a list of interesting/amusing things that happened at McDonald’s Night:

1. I got to talk to our neighbors in a different environment. Their son had never been to McDonald’s before. He was all about the french fries. And when I came back with our sundaes, he was enraptured.

2. Our neighbors were taking their daughter out of school on Friday in order to take a trip away for the weekend. The mom was not completely happy about this, as she was apparently someone who had really good attendance. She didn’t know if it was setting a bad precedent or sending a bad message to the people at the school. I said, “I never had perfect attendance, and I was the valedictorian of my high school. Not that that has ever gotten me anything, but at least I get to say it.” hehehe. (She said, “Well, that’s a good point. What have my good grades gotten me? I spend my days doing laundry and picking up the house.”)

3. We got away from the windows and hung out with a family from our church for a while. The daughter (who is in Mike’s class) wanted some food, and her dad gave her the credit card and sent her up to get some. She looked unsure about it, so I said I would show her how to swipe the credit card. After I taught her how to use it, I asked her to take me shoe shopping. Later, when I saw her mom, I told her that I taught her daughter how easy it is to use a credit card. She was really happy about that, as you can imagine.

4. One of the other teachers said that Mike and I look like brother and sister. Is this cute, creepy, or a legitimate example of couples starting to look like each other over time?

Mike promised that this was the last one of these I had to go to. For which I am grateful. I feel like I cramp his style because I don’t know anyone. It was probably good that I had the neighbors to talk to while he was making the rounds. But I do like watching him with the students and the parents. He is so good with them, so sure of himself and his own abilities. I like seeing that side of him as it has grown over the past few years. I will probably pass on future McDonald’s nights, but it was good to see him in his element, to see that all his hard work is really paying off.

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