I am watching the 2-hour season premiere of 90210. Stop judging me. Actually, keep on judging me. I am judging myself. But not very harshly, because I can’t stop thinking about the glory days of 90210. Which I wasn’t really allowed to watch when it was on, but which I definitely watched in syndication. And, oh, the drama. The clothes. The hair. I love it all. Can this new incarnation possibly be as good? I doubt it. And Gossip Girl is already my secret trashy show, so there’s not really room for 90210 in my life. I just couldn’t resist seeing what it would be like. (And, um, so far, it’s really really trashy.)

(Mike is refusing to watch it with me. I think this is because he has slowly been sucked in to Gossip Girl and the greatness of Chuck Bass and he knows he must stand firm on the 90210 issue or it will suck him in as well. However, that did not keep him from being excited for me when Kelly and Brenda were on the cover of this week’s Entertainment Weekly.)

(And I am not even going to tell you about how Alisa let us borrow season 1 of Dawson’s Creek, which has been taking me back to my freshman year of college. Emily and I were in a Bible study then, and I remember that my hall mates and I were always trying to get Bible study to wrap up so that we could go watch the saga of Dawson and Joey. And, of course, Pacey. Am I digging myself into a hole here or what?)

Yesterday Mike and I were looking for olive oil from Greece. My mom brought Mike some olive oil from Greece when she went back in the spring. We thought the fancy Harris Teeter might have some, so we went by there. They have a big section of olive oil, and we spent a while looking at it. Until I said, “You realize that we just spent like five minutes examining the olive oil, right? I’m pretty sure that’s the definition of yuppie.” (Then we left and went to The Fresh Market, where they had the same olive oil from Greece for four dollars less. Four dollars! How can it be cheaper at The Fresh Market!?)

Kelly “I choose me!” Taylor is on the screen!

This is the part of the blog entry where I should defend myself by pointing out that I listen to NPR and watch intelligent shows like 30 Rock and The Office and that I carried my apple core home today so that I could compost it instead of throwing it out at school. But I already told you the olive oil thing, so, between that and 90210, I am pretty sure that you have lost all respect for me at this point. Unless, of course, you are watching, too. Anyone?

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