Monthly Archives: September 2008

Things we have done to our house since moving in. 7

Just to prove how productive we have been. Since I didn’t take a lot of pictures before. And I’m waiting on things like rugs and blinds and pictures on the wall to take pictures now. You should go ahead and assume that most of the painting and dewallpapering was with assistance. Because it was. Our […]

I went to the doctor this evening. It did not go well. 7

Dear Doctor, Were you just pretending you didn’t notice that I started crying when you told me you couldn’t do anything for me? How about a little sympathy? I spent $20 and an hour and a half of my life to hear you say that you couldn’t help me. And also, I felt really crummy. […]

An embarrassing fact. 7

Whenever Phil says the following: “The world is waiting for you. Good luck. Travel safe,” I always tear up. Every time. I love the roadblocks and the detours and the fast forwards. And I love the end of the race, when Phil tells them how many miles they’ve gone and how many countries they visited. […]

And because of this, I rejoice. 7

This morning, despite my sore throat, I went to the Farmer’s Market to get our vegetables. Mike has a workshop, so I was alone. Somebody had to go, so I threw on a sweatshirt and went. And here’s the thing that struck me – our farmer knows who I am. He stopped what he was […]

Books that change lives and Banned Books Week. 3

Last night my book club discussed Sacred Hunger by Barry Unsworth, and it was one of those discussions that transcended the book. We talked about dogmatism and redemption and grace. I will admit, I have not yet finished Sacred Hunger (a book about the middle passage is not exactly light reading that I can pick […]

In which I repeatedly threaten to stab myself in the eye with a pen. 7

Tonight I drove to UNCG for a class. Sign count! Obama signs: 7 McCain signs: 0 Don Vaughn signs: 3 (he’s running for State Senate) (that link is not an endorsement) In conclusion: UNCG is voting Obama. There is one common theme in the classes that I take for licensure: They all make me want […]

My deeply unscientific poll of the part of my neighborhood I saw during my two-mile run. 11

I have been noticing a lot of meaningless polls in the news. Oh, McCain has the bump from the convention! Oh, Obama has pulled ahead by two points! Oh, the Palin effect! None of these polls actually mean anything, because no one really knows what is going to happen on November 4th. In that same […]

Ten years come and gone so fast, I might as well be dreaming 13

Ten years ago today, Mike asked me to marry him. (I didn’t say yes for a few more days, and I debated about whether to wait and post something on the 24th or to go ahead and do it now. Obviously now won out.) We hadn’t actually been out on an official date at that […]

Briefly It Enters, and Briefly Speaks by Jane Kenyon 3

While stopping at Starbucks today, I saw this poem. I looked at the author’s other poems on, and I like her stuff a lot. But this one really resonates with me, the redemption, the common grace, the way that God is moving all around us. If we will only have the eyes to see. […]

A chasing after the wind. 2

I can tell that I am feeling more on top of things, because my binder is totally organized. I even punched holes in the handouts I printed off before I went to class tonight. I turned in my paper that was due today a day early. My papers are graded. My lessons are (relatively) planned. […]

Freedom itself is a dangerous way of life, but it is ours. 5

I have been in some discussions lately about censorship and freedom of speech, mostly because of those Time and NYT articles about Sarah Palin and banned books and I am not getting into all of that here because that’s not really what this blog is about. You should just know that I do care passionately […]

On carpooling. 5

Leslie gave me a blog award last week, and I have been a tiny bit busy and therefore haven’t done anything about it. Thanks, Leslie! I enjoy your blog as well. You are a fun and funny girl. Have I told you that I am carpooling to work? I am! I am carpooling with a […]

One degree from Alex Trebek. 7

Last week I got fantastic news. Mike was telling me something while I was checking my email, and I missed everything he said because I was standing there with my mouth wide open. I might possibly have squealed, and I am not really a squealer. What was this fantastic news in my inbox? My high […]

Two years. 7

Two years ago today, my dad died. We were very much alike, and we were known to butt heads every now and then. He was not a perfect man, but he loved us and he was proud of us. He was a good dad, and I miss him. This has been a sad, overwhelming week. […]

How we grill pizza. Unfortunately, without pictures. 10

This recipe is taken from How to Grill by Steven Raichlen. For the dough: 1 envelope active dry yeast (2 1/2 teaspoons) 1 teaspoon sugar 1 1/4 cups warm water 3 1/2 cups unbleached white flour, or more if necessary (or, you know, WHATEVER YOU HAVE IF YOU FORGOT TO CHECK HOW MUCH FLOUR YOU […]

In which we successfully grill pizza despite our best efforts to screw things up. 5

We had some friends over Saturday night and grilled pizza. I meant to take pictures, but it all happened kind of fast there at the end, so there are no pictures of Mike grilling the pizza. I will say that this was definitely the best grilled pizza we have ever done. After some trial and […]

Time to head for golden lights. 2

One of the things that teachers have to do is go to these fundraising nights that the school has at various restaurants. My school has them at Moe’s and Poblano’s (a local Mexican restaurant), but Mike’s school has them on the first Thursday of every month at McDonald’s. I hope you can all agree with […]

It might sound crazy, but it ain’t no lie. 5

When I was in grad school the first time around, I had my binders and they were organized and I was on top of things. Now, I have never been the kind of person who is great at keeping paper organized (my desk, for example, is piles of papers, but I do know where everything […]

Me? Trying too hard? Never! 4

When we were trying to find a house, we ended up making a choice between a smaller house that needed some loving in a good location with nice-seeming neighbors and a slightly larger house where the work had already been done in a slightly more upscale neighborhood where it did not appear we were going […]

Confession. 7

I am watching the 2-hour season premiere of 90210. Stop judging me. Actually, keep on judging me. I am judging myself. But not very harshly, because I can’t stop thinking about the glory days of 90210. Which I wasn’t really allowed to watch when it was on, but which I definitely watched in syndication. And, […]