Monthly Archives: August 2008

Upstaged. 7

My oldest friend got married on Saturday, and she asked me to read some scripture in her wedding. It was an honor to participate in the service, because she is such a lovely person, she and her new husband seem so wonderful together, and it was a beautiful ceremony that managed to be both traditional […]

A letter from 1865. 5

I saw this letter from Digital History on another blog. Jourdon Anderson, an ex- Tennessee slave, declines his former master’s invitation to return as a laborer on his plantation, 1865. I am posting it because Jourdon Anderson was the epitome of a Southern gentleman, and in being so, showed Colonel Anderson for exactly what he […]

The Secret History by Donna Tartt 7

It took me for-ev-er to read this book. I kept putting it down, and also there were things like the Olympics and the DNC and being sick and being tired from going back to work that kept me from reading as much as I normally do. I am glad I stuck with it, though. After […]

This is not a drill. 10

We have fire drills and tornado drills, but what do you call it when there’s an actual fire or an actual tornado? When I was in high school, someone set some kind of fire in a bathroom (the details have become somewhat fuzzy), and what we called it was, “Everyone get out of the building […]

Breaking the ice. 10

I do not, myself, like icebreaker sorts of things. It brings out the middle schooler in me, the part that doesn’t like joining things, the part that is still afraid that people will point and laugh, the part that struggles with sincerity. When, in my college classes, we have to do icebreakers, it is hard […]

I don’t like to post pictures of my house, so you’d better enjoy it while you can get it. 22

Once upon a time, Mike and Kari bought a house. Here is what the kitchen looked like. (That’s three layers of linoleum. And the scary carpet.) There were crazy light fixtures and half the room was carpeted and the cabinets had weird yellow slats on the doors and the fireplace was hideously ugly. And ugly […]

Makes me feel invincible. 12

Apparently whenever you get a prescription filled now, there is a description of what the medicine looks like. I got an antibiotic, and on the sticker that CVS printed, it says, “This is a PINK, OVAL-shaped TABLET imprinted with G on the front and 3060 on the back.” Is this some kind of law, or […]

Strange how hard it rains now. 9

Mike and I had two tall bookcases that we used to store DVDs, but when we moved here, we decided that we wanted something else to store our DVDs. This means that our DVDs are still in boxes. Which means that we have been watching the same movies over and over. One day we will […]

Today’s Farmers’ Market Find: Barack Obama 4

Last Wednesday I went to the Farmers’ Market and bought lots of tomatoes. But this week I had to go back to work rather than purchasing tasty vegetables. Last night, Mike asked what time it opens on Wednesdays (7:00) to see if it would be possible for one of us to go. But we decided […]

End-of-summer blues. 1

My cold (for which I finally went to the doctor today, and, hooray, it’s a sinus infection!) (um, sorry people I have been around – I really thought I was getting better), Mike’s cold, the last few things that didn’t get done in our house because of the cold, the fact that I haven’t been […]

Poor little bunny. 6

Mike caught my cold. Except that his version is some kind of bronchial infection, complete with a fever of 103. And much being pathetic and watching the Olympics. I have provided him with homemade soup, macaroni and tomatoes (tomatoes I canned with my own hands, people), toast, and tea. And still, he keeps telling me […]

Microwave brownies as a clue to the meaning of life. 4

Being at the beach with my family made me reminisce about the many times we have stayed in that house. Early in my teenage years, I went to the beach house with one friend and then spent the next week with another friend. What I remember from those trips is an overwhelming sense of my […]

The Second Coming by W. B. Yeats 0

Turning and turning in the widening gyre The falcon cannot hear the falconer; Things fall apart; the centre cannot hold; Mere anarchy is loosed upon the world, The blood-dimmed tide is loosed, and everywhere The ceremony of innocence is drowned; The best lack all conviction, while the worst Are full of passionate intensity. Surely some […]

24 pints! 7

Look what I did today! I went to my grandma’s house and canned 24 pints of tomatoes! Want to hear about it? After I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, one of my goals for this summer was to learn how to can things. (One of my other goals was to read Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, […]

I was seventeen years young. 4

I made a “Back to School” playlist today that includes some albums that I have been wanting to listen to (The Hold Steady, Jack Johnson, Elliot Smith, Emmylou Harris) and some back to school songs. There are not a whole lot of back to school songs that aren’t, you know, the Beach Boys singing about […]

Why, yes, we do have some questions. 2

This morning, Mike was in the front yard and someone pulled up. He introduced himself and said that he was the son-in-law of the woman who lived here for a long time. He and Mike made some small talk about the house and some of the improvements we have done. At the end of the […]

In praise of Mike. 2

Today is a sick day. I woke up in the middle of the night with a really sore throat. My throat is feeling better now, but I have had a headache all day, even after taking Advil. Mike, however, painted (most of) our kitchen a nice cheerful yellow. (Kitchen update: We still have to scrape […]

To whom it may concern, Summer 2008 edition. 5

Dear House, Hi! It’s been nice to get to know you the past few weeks. I hope you are happy with everything we have been doing. We’ve been trying to update your look. I think the makeover shows always use phrases like “update your look.” You will find out soon enough that I don’t really […]

Delicious. 7

I am sorry, I do not have anything interesting to tell you today. I am too busy hanging out with delicious babies. Well, just one delicious baby. My cousin and his wife are here with their delicious baby in particular. (We should have used the flash. But don’t worry, we will have the opportunity to […]

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes on life’s juggling act. 12

Today’s post is from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and is about something I’ve been pondering this summer, too: the balance between work and life. Like Amelia, I find that I am more productive when I have more to do. The first part of this summer was a little bit unproductive for me for that very reason, but […]