We barely knew you.

If you thought the Beast (as Caro named it) was going to die a sad, unloved existence, well, you were wrong. We had planned on giving it to Habitat, but it turns out that they didn’t want it. I can’t imagine why. Not wanting to throw the Beast away, we turned to Craigslist. We are not big Craigslist people, mostly because we don’t have the time for it. It always seems like one of those things you have to stay on top of, and I have enough internet things to stay on top of already. But Mike decided to try listing the Beast, and in about ten minutes, he had an email about it. The next morning, someone came to pick it up. And lo, the Beast has left us forever. I can’t believe how fast it went. Or that anyone wanted the Beast at all. It takes all kinds in this world.

In the Beast’s place, we have this shiny new stove. I used it to bake a cake for my friend, and everything worked out just fine.

I know what you are going to ask. Why is that picture so crooked? I have no idea why I can’t do any better than that. I tried five times and then gave up.

I know what else you want to ask! Why, if we bought a new stove, didn’t we get a flat top? Why the coils? Well, we had a flat top range in our last house, and, to be frank, we hated it. I mean, it cooked okay (but just okay, I thought, because it wasn’t completely even), but we could never get it clean. And we cook a lot. So it was kind of a pain to either be cleaning it or leaving it dirty all the time. We wanted to do a gas range, but we didn’t want a gas oven (I read a lot of Sylvia Plath earlier this year, okay?) and so we decided that what would make us happiest was just to go old school and get the coils. So far so good.

And, um, hey! Check out our lack of flooring and cabinets! I don’t need those things to bake cakes, though. I scoff at flooring and cabinets. Especially countertops. I love not really having anywhere to work in the kitchen. I thrive on it, really. It’s the danger and excitement of taking something out of the oven and not really having somewhere to put it that I love the most. (Apparently, I also scorn planning ahead.)

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