Reasons we are too old to go to concerts.

Mike and I went to see She & Him at the Cat’s Cradle last night. We realized a few things.

1. We are too old for concerts without assigned seating. Too old, I tell you! When we saw Glen and Marketa, we had assigned seating, and it was basically the best ever. No waiting in crazy lines in the hot sun so we could have a good position in the venue. (And, for us, a good position in the venue means “sitting down on the side” not “close to the stage.” Because we are old.)

2. We are too old for opening acts. I know, it’s great for those musicians to get some exposure, but . . . what if they are not good? As last night’s opening act was. Not. Good. I can’t figure out why an alt-blugrass-country group would be touring with She & Him. They didn’t go together well at all. Also, they were terrible. They couldn’t harmonize, and they were bad twangy (there’s good twangy and then there’s what happened last night). The whole time they were singing, I was thinking, “If these bozos would get off the stage, Matt and Zooey could go ahead and play and then we could get home earlier.” I am so old, you guys. So old. I was thinking about bed rather than listening to the opening act.

3. We are too old to be around that many people in a small space. Or maybe that’s just me. For one thing, it was crazy sticky. And that makes me cranky. For another, I don’t do the jostling thing well anymore. I want my personal space. I got here early and stood in line just so I could sit here. I see no reason why I should scoot over and make room for your late self.

4. Also, we thought the drums were too loud. We are apparently our own grandparents.

However, I thought the show itself was very fun. When they were on Conan, it was . . . how do you say? Not good. Specifically, she was not good. But her stage presence was much better, her voice was strong, the two of them and the band seemed to be having a fun time, and the music sounded good. A little more dynamic than the CD, which doesn’t grab me all that much in some places. My favorite was “You’ve Really Got a Hold On Me” (of course). And, happily for me, they did “Magic Trick” as one of the encores. I did wish they had sung “When I Get to the Border,” which was the first song they recorded together. And Mike thinks they should cover “Little Boxes,” but he’s been watching a lot of Weeds, so he’s got that song on the brain. I am glad we went, and I will probably revisit the CD a little bit more now instead of the one or two songs I have been listening to. After I get my much-needed nap.

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