Super G Mart!

Alisa and I have had several conversations about the Super G Mart, and how we keep meaning to go. And then Mike called me from the Super G Mart, saying, “I am at this international food market on Market Street, and it is amazing!” I asked him if it was the Super G Mart, and he said he thought it was. He took me there on Sunday after church, and truly, it is amazing. There are great prices on the very fresh-looking produce (Big Bunny is thrilled at how cheap the cilantro is, because cilantro is her favorite) and meat, there is interesting international food (including international food with labels we cannot read), and there is international food we were already purchasing at other places, but that is cheaper and closer to our house than some of those other places. We are still trying to stick to local produce, so we didn’t get any of that right now, though I am sure we will at some point. We can’t always buy all of our produce from the Farmer’s Market, but in the summer, we might as well live it up. (As you can tell from how crazy we went on Saturday.) We got lots of beans, some Spanish olive oil (my mom brought home olive oil from Greece when she went on our trip and we can never be satisfied by store brand olive oil again), and some delicious olives, all for excellent prices.

And since our cabinets have been pulled out and we have no flooring in our kitchen, buying items to put in our pantry is exactly what we need to be doing, thanks for asking.

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