The past two Farmer’s Market posts were rather green. Here is some color.

Here is a special Wednesday edition of Farmer’s Market Finds! They are open on Wednesdays during the summer. And, hoo boy, the Farmer’s Market is in its prime right now. Look at all the colors. My mom would be so proud. (She loves food with color.)

(Also, look at our old countertops there. Because those suckers are on their way out.)

I didn’t actually go to the Farmer’s Market this morning. Mike went by himself. When I go by myself, I come back with three things. When he goes alone, he comes back with a veritable feast. Here are our totals: three tomatoes, two bunches of basil (of course), and two yellow zucchini for $6.25. Two peaches for $.95. One ear of corn (I don’t like corn) for $.50. One head of cabbage for $.65. And he splurged on a red pepper for $2.00. Total for today: $10.35.

(I went by my school yesterday to do some things, and a few people were like, “Hey, I saw you in the paper. Did you get your basil like you wanted?” Heeeee.)

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