Our stove.

This is our stove. To be more accurate, it is a microwave/stove combo. I bet you didn’t know they made microwave/stove combos like this back in the day, did you? Well, neither did we.

It has its charms, to be sure. Those dials on the bottom of the microwave panel, they control the burners, and when you turn them on, they are red instead of black. You might think that this would help you remember to turn the burners off, but you’d be wrong. I am bad about leaving burners on as it is, but even Mike has forgotten these burners because they are in such an awkward forgettable place.

The buttons at the very bottom of the microwave panel are extremely special. One of them turns on the light at the back of the burners. That’s right, our burners are backlit when we so choose. It is an awesome fluorescent light. I can sense your jealousy.

Though the microwave looks like a huge beast, do not be fooled. It’s actually quite small. It just has an enormous door. Do not ask why. This stove/microwave combo is not to be understood. It is only to be looked at reverently.

No, seriously, be really careful if you are trying to cook anything. That front left burner – it looks normal, but it boils things, even on low.

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