Then we are at an impasse.

My aunt gave us a new, extremely fluffy mattress pad. Let me remind you, we already have a mattress that is like sleeping on a hammock of clouds held up by angels. I was not completely sold on the idea of needing a new mattress pad. Because of the awesomeness of our mattress. The first night we slept on the mattress pad, I declared it to be like sleeping on giant bubble wrap. It was weird and awful and I hated it. But, you know, maybe it would grow on me. So we left it on the bed, just to try it for a few more nights. After about two weeks, I had managed to smush it down enough that it was softer and more pleasant, except for the giant ridge that fell exactly where I normally sleep. Not my favorite. Also, sometimes when I would sleep a little bit diagonally, my feet felt as if they were elevated above my head. Sometimes they were tingly when I would get up in the morning.

Mike, however, declared the new mattress pad to be like sleeping in a hammock of hammocks held up by clouds of angels. This is an exact quote. And so we were at an impasse. Except for the part where I basically did not sleep through the night one time after we put the mattress pad on the bed, and the part where Mike can basically sleep anywhere on anything. I get . . . how do you say . . . cranky when I do not sleep. Also, the new mattress pad hurt my back. And my feet were tingly. So we are back to the boring old non-bubble-wrap mattress pad. And I am much less cranky, thank you for asking.

But, you guys, the old mattress pad looked so awesome on the bed. It made it look all big and fluffy and kingly. If only there were fluffy mattress pads that actually allowed, you know, sleep. I would totally be in favor of that.

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