Matchy matchy orange squared.

Mike got dressed for church this morning while I was still in the shower. I got out of the shower and got dressed in my favorite orange shirt. I then went into the kitchen and saw that, horror of horrors, Mike was wearing his orange polo. While some people think dressing alike is cute, I am opposed to it. I am not into cute. Except for tiny things. And babies. And Big Bunny, who is not tiny.

Mike’s argument was that he was doing sound this morning, so we wouldn’t be sitting together, so it was totally fine for us to wear the same color. This made sense, except for the part where we had to walk out together after the service and everyone we saw commented on our matchy cuteness. I thought it would be clever to tell people that since our anniversary is this week, we have to match all week long. The problem with this is that people already know that we are kind of strange, so they probably think it’s true.

(We’re so hardcore with the matchy, we even painted a room to match us.)

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