At least Lowe’s colors are blue and red.

Today we celebrate America’s Independence. Or the Eve of My Birthday. It just depends on who you are. Mike celebrated this morning by putting on the one, the only, the flag bandana. We miss you, Scott.

We also celebrated by spending over three hours at Lowe’s this morning. Our cabinets have been ordered, but I think several years were also taken off my life. Holy Moses. We are very thankful to have new cabinets on order, but, for one thing, all the little charges for extra things make me feel like I am being scammed. And for another thing, no one should have to spend over three hours in Lowe’s, what with the constant beeping and the customers needing assistance in the glass cutting area. I requested silence on the way home.

Now we are about to head to a cookout, and then, of course, fireworks, Gandalf! Happy 4th of July or Happy Independence Day, whichever you prefer. Or, you know, Happy Birthday Eve to me.

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