Things I am happy about.

1. A washing machine that works. I have spared you the saga of the washing machine, but let’s just say that the one that was here was installed improperly. After trying several things, the team composed of me, Mike, and my brother finally managed to diagnose the complete problem and the two of them fixed it yesterday. It now sounds like a normal washing machine rather than a freight train. Also, I feel comfortable hanging pictures on the wall, which I didn’t when it was rattling about.

2. Wallpaper when it is no longer on the wall. Our hall looks so much better. As my mom said yesterday, “Wallpaper is evil.” The actual paper came off in nice big strips, but we had to do some soaking/scraping on the glue. We primed the walls last night and might actually get a coat of paint on today before . . .

3. Going to see Bloody Blackbeard at Triad Stage tonight. We’re looking forward to it!

4. Family to help with projects. My brother worked several times on the washing machine, my mom has been a champion painter and wallpaper-taker-downer, and my aunt came and helped with wallpaper yesterday as well. I don’t know what we would have done without their help this week. They have gone way above and beyond the call of duty. Or . . . blood. Whatever, you know what I mean. We can probably never repay them.

5. Friends who help you, too. Our friends who have helped us move and paint have also gone way above and beyond. And we are really thankful for them.

6. Running in my new neighborhood. Sweet, blessed trees. I can run later than I used to be able to, just because of the trees keeping it so cool. Also, there are many different roads to explore rather than the one route I ran for years at the old house. Also also, if I want to, I can run to Emily’s house and make her give me coffee. Because I am very demanding like that. (I ran in her cul-de-sac this morning but did not stop. hee hee hee.)

7. Getting to hear Mike’s radio show. Local readers, this summer Mike has a radio show on WQFS on Wednesday nights from 10:00-12:00. In the past, I have never gotten to hear it live, because I always had to work on Thursdays and also WQFS does not broadcast quite as far away as we used to live. But now we live five minutes from the station, and I listened last night as I was cleaning up from the great wallpaper tearing down party. He played about four songs in a row for me.

8. The brick wall. Okay, so, our sunroom was kind of a disaster when we bought the house. It was added on to the back of the house, which was very obvious by the walls. Three of the walls were dark paneling, and the other wall was brick. Not nice brick, but “this wall used to be the outside of the house” brick. I don’t understand why anyone would think any of that was fun or nice, but, you know, okay. Mike was skeptical about painting the brick, but I wore him down, and I think he is happy with it now. Andrea spent an afternoon priming it with me, and then my mom and I spent a day painting it and basically making it look awesome. We also painted the paneling, and it looks nice, too, but I am just so proud of my brick wall. The room is so much warmer. Next week we are going to work on trim in that room, but at least the walls are done, glory hallelujah.

While not the actual brick wall, this is what the brick wall looked like (and, thus, the brick on the outside of our house).

And here is a shot of what it looks like now. Please ignore the fact that we haven’t painted the window white yet. And thus there is some touching up to do there. The color, in case you were wondering, is Bronze Tone by Benjamin Moore.

9. Even though I have been busy moving, my friends and family have not forgotten that it is my Birthday Week. And I love them for that. I was kind of afraid my Birthday Week would have to go uncelebrated this year, but, nay! Celebrations will still be taking place. This one’s kind of important, too. My last year in my 20s. (Next year I will be celebrating the first anniversary of my 29th birthday.)

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