Lego memory lane.

This was posted last week, so maybe you have seen it already, but here is a video from Gizmodo showing the Lego vault, where they keep almost every set that Lego has ever created. The post accompanying it is great, too–I feel the same way about Legos and still get them as presents from time to time. We had to take apart my Hogwarts castle in order to move, and it made me kind of sad. I don’t know what to do with all of my Legos, really, because we don’t really have a place to display them, but I don’t want to take them apart. I suppose I should just disassemble them and put them in separate bags with the instructions so that we can discover them again with our kids one day. If we never have kids, maybe I could just set up one room as a Lego shrine. I am sure Mike would love that.

I actually almost teared up watching the video. I spent a lot of my childhood playing with Legos. They remind me of Grandma’s house, my cousin David, and Christmas. All at once. Together, my brother and I had an awesome Lego town, complete with a house I built from spare Legos at my grandma’s house. He had a Robin Hood set, and we had a few of the knight sets. It was fun to have the knights guarding the town and other strange things. Joseph also had some space Legos, now that I think about it. I got especially excited when the video showed the pirate ship. I didn’t have the pirate ship, but I did have the Eldorado Fortress (I had to do some googling to figure out what it was called). It was definitely my favorite of all my Lego sets.

Mike’s nephew loves pirates and Legos, and I am so sad they don’t make the pirate Legos anymore. They were the best. Bring back the pirate Legos! (Mike’s nephew may be getting Indiana Jones Legos for his birthday this year. It’s never too early to indoctrinate him on the greatness of Indiana Jones. And Legos.)

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