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We barely knew you. 5

If you thought the Beast (as Caro named it) was going to die a sad, unloved existence, well, you were wrong. We had planned on giving it to Habitat, but it turns out that they didn’t want it. I can’t imagine why. Not wanting to throw the Beast away, we turned to Craigslist. We are […]

Two roads diverged. 0

We went and updated our library cards this week. We still had our old ones from when we used to live here, but the librarian shredded those and now we have shiny new ones to match our shiny new address. I remembered a few books that I had been wanting to read (this was quite […]

Reasons we are too old to go to concerts. 7

Mike and I went to see She & Him at the Cat’s Cradle last night. We realized a few things. 1. We are too old for concerts without assigned seating. Too old, I tell you! When we saw Glen and Marketa, we had assigned seating, and it was basically the best ever. No waiting in […]

I don’t actually know the song this is parodying. 8

KARI: Have you seen that Feist Sesame Street video? MIKE: No. KARI: Oh, let me show it to you, it’s really cute. MIKE: Okay. KARI: Do you like Feist? MIKE: Eh, she’s okay. Not really. KARI: Here it is. MIKE: *grins uncontrollably* And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why I posted the video even though […]

Super G Mart! 2

Alisa and I have had several conversations about the Super G Mart, and how we keep meaning to go. And then Mike called me from the Super G Mart, saying, “I am at this international food market on Market Street, and it is amazing!” I asked him if it was the Super G Mart, and […]

Things Seen and Unseen: A Year Lived in Faith by Nora Gallagher 2

The whole church is organized in a cycle of seasons, liturgies, holy days, and Gospel readings that may be connected to how life unfolds. We need to revisit our experience over and over again; each time, each visit, another layer is peeled away, another piece or aspect is revealed. Our cells carry memories that rise […]

Ceiling fans and the Farmer’s Market 1

The electricians have been here getting things ready for our new kitchen. We also asked them to install new ceiling fans in our library room and our bedroom. Installing a fan in our bedroom is what’s called “saving our marriage.” Mike can’t have the air conditioner very low at night because it gives him a […]

I heard a church bell softly chime in a melody sustainin’ 10

Somehow or another, some of our pictures didn’t make it online, and we didn’t realize it until yesterday afternoon. So I want to point out a few things, like this sign at Prospect Park: Mike, in that way that he does, nudged me so I would notice the sign. Because he likes to get me […]

Just a fine and fancy ramble. 5

When Mike and I decided to go to New York for our vacation-slash-anniversary, we made lists of the things we wanted to do. I have been to New York more than Mike has, so I had done some of the things that he wanted to do. And, as expected, many of the things on my […]

The past two Farmer’s Market posts were rather green. Here is some color. 6

Here is a special Wednesday edition of Farmer’s Market Finds! They are open on Wednesdays during the summer. And, hoo boy, the Farmer’s Market is in its prime right now. Look at all the colors. My mom would be so proud. (She loves food with color.) (Also, look at our old countertops there. Because those […]

Two movie recommendations. 4

On Sunday night, Mike and I watched Little Manhattan with his second mom and another one of her “sons” she’s taken in. (She is a very loving person. As I am sure you can tell.) Mike had very specific requirements about watching a movie with his second mom: he wanted it to be clean/family-friendly, he […]

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes will be touring my blog in a few weeks. 0

Amelia Atwater-Rhodes is an author of fantasy and young adult novels, and her books are popular with some of the students at my school, so when Random House asked me to be part of her blog tour, I happily agreed. She will be posting here on August 7th, but for now, you can read more […]

He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it. 24

Mike and I are on Long Island today. (I wrote “in Long Island” and Mike, the Long Islander, corrected me. I am from the South. I don’t know how to speak here.) We had a great week in Manhattan, which I will tell you about later. It involved a lot of food. And making decisions […]

An Open Letter to Jeff, of New York City 1

Dear Jeff, Mike and I observed you purchasing burgers for your office Thursday at The Burger Joint, home of New York City’s best burgers (according to some polls, and also according to us). Jeff, had you been to The Burger Joint before? Because one or two things you said made it sound like you had, […]

Our stove. 2

This is our stove. To be more accurate, it is a microwave/stove combo. I bet you didn’t know they made microwave/stove combos like this back in the day, did you? Well, neither did we. It has its charms, to be sure. Those dials on the bottom of the microwave panel, they control the burners, and […]

You will be taught to fly. 0

I bought this card at a shop with Alisa and Susan and Brandi a few years ago, and I found it when I was cleaning out my side table when we moved. I’ve had it sitting on my bedside table since then, reminding me to purchase a frame for it. I like the sentiment – […]

Then we are at an impasse. 4

My aunt gave us a new, extremely fluffy mattress pad. Let me remind you, we already have a mattress that is like sleeping on a hammock of clouds held up by angels. I was not completely sold on the idea of needing a new mattress pad. Because of the awesomeness of our mattress. The first […]

The Anniversary by John Donne 2

All kings, and all their favourites, All glory of honours, beauties, wits, The sun it self, which makes time, as they pass, Is elder by a year now than it was When thou and I first one another saw. All other things to their destruction draw, Only our love hath no decay; This no to-morrow […]

Leaving on a jet plane. 2

We’re leaving today for vacation, and we have managed to pack everything we (think we) need for a week into bags that can be carried on to the plane. I must confess that I have always been too chicken to attempt getting my liquids, gels, and aerosols on the aircraft, but a trip to Target […]

Matchy matchy orange squared. 2

Mike got dressed for church this morning while I was still in the shower. I got out of the shower and got dressed in my favorite orange shirt. I then went into the kitchen and saw that, horror of horrors, Mike was wearing his orange polo. While some people think dressing alike is cute, I […]