My random act of kindness.

Last week, I had some 6th graders helping me in the media center. I worked them hard, but they had fun, too, running errands around the school, stamping books, shelving videos. As we were delivering some books out to one of the mobile classrooms, I noticed that one of the girls and I were wearing the same jeans. Arizona jeans, of course. The jeans I should be paid to advertise because I am always raving about them. I said, “Hey, we are wearing the same jeans!” She, in her quiet way, said, “I noticed that earlier.” I was all set to do my regular, “Wooooo! J.C. Penney!” routine when I saw a flash of something in her eyes, something that made me keep my mouth shut. It has been a while since I worried about what brand of jeans I was wearing, but I have not forgotten what that feels like. I don’t know what brand is important these days (I will guess that it’s not, well, Guess), but I expect it’s not Arizona. I contented myself with saying, “I like these jeans a lot!” She smiled, looking down.

They looked good on her, by the way. She had nothing whatsoever to be ashamed of. I know she’ll know that one day. I hope I helped a little bit.

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