I did not quite manage to run the whole race. There were all these hills, you see, and I ran all the hills, but after one of them, I thought, “If I don’t walk for just a minute, I may throw up.” So I did walk about one minute of my race. My friends finished about a minute before I did. But my time (32:58!!) was so much better than I thought it would be that I am only a little sad that I did not quite run the whole thing. Also, I was not last. Though our friends at the finish line did make sure to point out that a woman with a stroller beat us. Show-off.

Mike came and cheered me on, and there were lots of nice people hanging out on the course yelling encouraging things. My personal favorite part was on Tate Street, which is close to UNCG. At the corner of Tate and Spring Garden, there is a Methodist church where my parents met when my mom was attending UNCG. They were going to a Bible study there, and I believe the story goes that my dad held the door for my mom and that’s how they met. I told my friend Nancy that story yesterday, and about how my mom and/or dad would often tell that story whenever we would drive past that church when I was growing up. When we ran past the church this morning, I called out to Nancy, “Hey, did I ever tell you that’s where my parents met?” and she laughed and said, “You will have to tell me that story sometime.” Then, as we were running past Tate Street Coffee, some of their employees were out there cheering. That was a nice little boost to get up the hill just past New York Pizza.

I do not have any pictures, though I may have some later if my friends email them to me. Meanwhile, just imagine me being awesome. Because that’s basically how it went. Afterwards, we went to a diner with our friends and had the world’s largest biscuits. Now I am going to get ready to go to a baby shower. It’s so early and I feel like I have already had a whole day!

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