Monthly Archives: May 2008

More swears per minute. 6

I have a bit of a sore throat, and I took some Tylenol PM last night. So this morning, I am not really sure that I can run. Benadryl hangover, wooo! Instead of running, maybe I will tell you about my running playlist. It horrifies Mike, who says, “That has more swears per minute than […]

On clean mugs, house hunting, and Indiana Jones. 3

Almost every morning, I come downstairs and find my travel mug cleaned out and draining beside our sink. It is especially difficult to open, and Mike knows that, so he opens it almost every morning and cleans out yesterday’s coffee. It’s one of my favorite morning things, to turn the kitchen corner and see my […]

An easy life. 3

I just finished The Off Season by Catherine Gilbert Murdock, and while I didn’t like it quite as much as I liked Dairy Queen (I never wrote about that book, but I thought it was pretty fantastic), the ending really got me. Now, those of you who think that you might be interested should probably […]

Tote bags of awesome. 3

From time to time, I feel compelled to come up with evidence that I am actually trying to better myself. So let’s talk about the tote bags under our guest bed! I am not good at wrapping presents. Since that post, Kelly forced me to purchase wrapping paper at Target so that I would have […]

Portents of doom and other things. 4

When someone starts a sentence with, “I don’t believe in ______,” you know there is a but coming. You’ve been forewarned. I don’t believe in omens, but I’ve seen Apollo 13 enough times that what happened on Wednesday concerned me. I was clearing calculators for the EOG tests next week, and I reached kind of […]

You, sir, are no Chick-Fil-A. 8

Mike would like for me to talk to you about something that’s been on his mind the past couple of weeks. That something is McDonald’s new chicken sandwich. Somehow or another, I obtained a coupon for one of their new Southern style chicken sandwiches and one of their new Southern style chicken biscuits. I think […]

Summa cum laude. 8

By now, I suppose it’s okay to say that I know a thing or two about marriage. I can at least say I know a thing or two about being married to Mike. Like many people, I was woefully underprepared for marriage, and I look back at the blur of those first few years and […]

Some of us don’t get to vote on Super Tuesday. 5

I love to vote. I remember my mom taking us to the polls with her when we were little. Sometimes she even let us pull the levers or hang the chads or whatever. While I wouldn’t call myself a hugely patriotic person, the elections in Kenya have made me realize how proud I am to […]

These are actual Trivial Pursuit questions. But there is no need to be afraid. 3

Mike would like for me to tell you that he beat me at Trivial Pursuit. Which is fine. I enjoy a good friendly competition. My hat is off to him. He should definitely be proud. After all, while I was getting questions about Confederate generals (which I answered correctly) and retired NHL commissioners (which I […]

Exercise really does pay off! 9

Oh, look! Today’s paper! Check it out! There’s a picture from the race! Hey! Wait a second! That’s me! (In the black pants with the blue stripe.) (I am totally passing that guy, in case you were wondering.) I made the front page! Sure, I am small, and, yeah, maybe you need a magnifying glass […]

32:58 8

I did not quite manage to run the whole race. There were all these hills, you see, and I ran all the hills, but after one of them, I thought, “If I don’t walk for just a minute, I may throw up.” So I did walk about one minute of my race. My friends finished […]