Run quickly and carry a big stick.

I went running after work this evening. Which is all well and good, except for the part where dogs kept harassing me. There was the one that was seriously angry with me, growling and barking and pulling its leash to attack me. I was in the road! The road is not this dog’s territory! That dog can just step off, as far as I am concerned. Shut it, dog. (I sound all tough because I am safe, but I really think that dog would have hurt me. It looked like one of those big friendly dogs. Like Lassie. Why did it hate me so much?)

Then there was he one that was so happy to see me that she wanted to run with me. I had to keep her from being killed by pulling her from oncoming traffic. She was cute, I must say, but she jumped all over me. And wouldn’t leave me alone. Go away, Chloe! (I know her name is Chloe because her owner had to physically restrain her from following me. If I had a dog, which I do not, nor do I want one, it would be like Chloe, who was adorable. But also kind of stupid.)

And there were various barking/growling dogs on leashes and behind fences. I only ran two miles. And then I came home, where the neighbors’ dogs howled at me as I walked up my driveway. This is why I will never be a dog person. I’m sticking with Big Bunny.

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