Materialism at its finest.

Thanks to AB Chao’s photo, we drove to Macy’s on Saturday and purchased our very own 7 Quart Martha Stewart Blue Cast Iron Pot. On sale. [ETA: It appears that my pot is no longer on sale. Sorry for bringing it up.]

We had a little discussion about wants vs. needs after purchasing the pot, because I said, “That’s something I have been wanting for a while,” and Mike said, “Earlier you said you needed it.” The implication was that he did not approve of me “needing” a pot. I would like to clarify that I did not need my wonderful new pot in the strictest sense. However, some recipes do require a pot like this, which is what I meant. I would need it, you see, to make certain things. Like rabbit stew. Just kidding. That’s what we threaten to do when Big Bunny is bad. If she could understand what we were saying, I’m sure it would cause her to change her actions. I should put her in the pot and take a picture of it.

For the pot’s inaugural meal, we made 40 Clove Chicken. You can search online – there are a lot of variations. We just did the most basic thing and took a chicken and stuck a lemon in it and seared it in olive oil all the way around, and then put 20 cloves of garlic in the bottom of the pan along with some white wine and some spices. And then we stuck it in the oven for almost two hours. And, oh, it was delicious. And garlicky. We saved all the delicious juices, but I don’t know what to do with them. Are you SURE it would be wrong for me to drink them? (Yes, we ate the garlic cloves. I am so happy to have a husband who enjoys garlic as much as I do.) When we do it again, we will probably use split breasts or chicken quarters for easier serving, but it was very good just the same. We made stuffed mushrooms and green beans to go with it. We always eat so well on Saturdays.

You are wondering, I am sure, why we didn’t use 40 cloves. If we were going to use 20, why not keep going to 40? Well, though garlic is one of our favorite spices, we also have a fear of it based on this one Garlic Pork Incident that occurred at our house. One of us thought it would be a good idea to put garlic in some pork, and this person embedded so much garlic in that pork that there was no pork taste at all. Just the taste of garlic. It was like eating a big old garlic piece of meat. So we were a little bit afraid to do any more cloves, but it wasn’t an overpowering garlic flavor at all. And the house smelled deliciously like garlic. Win-win-win.

I love my new pot. It’s so pretty. Thank you, Martha, for putting it on sale. Now I have to make French Onion soup before Mike reinstates the soup ban. He’s going out of town this week . . . maybe that’s how I should spend my time.

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