Quirk quirk quirk.

Geof tagged me, but I am not going to tag anyone else. If you’d like to share six quirks about yourself, though, please post them on your blog and let me know in the comments.

You might call them weird, but I call them quirks:

1. We have Fiestaware in light blue and yellow. I love our plates, but it’s an unwritten rule that I have to eat off the blue plate rather than the yellow one. I like the way the food looks on the blue plates so much more.

2. I read Entertainment Weekly every week from back to front. I do this with most magazines, but I always do it with EW. We also get Time, and I often read it from back to front, but I have less of a problem going straight to the cover story when it comes to actual news, I suppose. I don’t know why I do this with EW, either . . . Uncle Stevie’s articles usually get me worked up, so you think I’d avoid reading them first.

3. I read a lot of blogs but refuse to use any kind of feed or anything like that. Bookmarks were good enough for my grandma, and they’re good enough for me. (My grandma has never used the internet.)

4. Speaking of bookmarks, it bothers me when I am using an actual bookmark that doesn’t coordinate with the cover of the book I am reading. But not enough for me to ever do anything about it. (I read fast, so it will soon be over.)

5. Though I like quotes as much as the next person, I am not able to remember quotes from movies or books very well unless I have heard them several times. (This is very different from, say, Brian.) Unless they are set to music. I am a maniac when it comes to remembering song lyrics.

6. Yard sales completely stress me out. I mean, we all know that I don’t like shopping in general, right? I say it often enough. It’s why all my t-shirts come from the internet. But the worst kind of shopping is where I have to dig through other people’s crap in order to find some reputed “treasure.” I remain skeptical about these treasures. Melissa can find approximately 30 items for $2.87 at a yard sale. I, however, never find one single thing worth purchasing. The only thing I leave with is anxiety about not “doing” yard sales correctly. And so I have decided that I have enough of my own crap. I do not need other people’s. I will buy my “treasures” the way that people should. On sale at a store. With coupons. (And when I want to get rid of my own crap, don’t even imagine that I bother to organize my own yard sale. Because I don’t. I take it to Goodwill. I get space in my closets AND a warm fuzzy feeling! Win-win-win!)

(I maybe need to work through my yard sale issues. I should probably not have that much to say about them.)

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