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Touchstone by Laurie R. King 0

The Beekeeper’s Apprentice is one of my favorite books, one that I hope to have the time to revisit this year. I haven’t read much of anything that Laurie King has written other than her Mary Russell novels, but Touchstone got such good reviews that I couldn’t resist trying it. And though it did take […]

Proof of admittance. 5

I got a new UNCG ID yesterday so that I can go to the Rec Center. I don’t know if there’s another reason I should have one, but I would like to get some use out of that Rec Center fee, so I am going to try to go a few times this semester. We […]

Let the Roomba revolution begin. 5

Let’s get one thing straight. Having a Roomba doesn’t make me lazy. I am a very busy woman, with a job and church commitments and also I am taking two classes this semester! Also, the Roomba gets under the bed. I never vacuumed under the bed. Our standard of living is actually higher now. (Okay, […]

Happiness. 6

So, I mentioned that my cousin who lives in Brooklyn is expecting a baby at any time. We were very close when we were little – our moms are sisters, and we both lived in Greensboro, so we spent a fair amount of time together. He was the closest thing to a big brother I […]

An actual conversation I had with Old Navy. 8

KARI: Old Navy, I would like to buy some jeans. OLD NAVY: I am uninterested in your money. KARI: No, seriously, I need some jeans. OLD NAVY: I refuse to provide some in your size. KARI: I have noticed that. In the three Old Navys I have visited in two different states. OLD NAVY: Well, […]

In which Joseph and Mike achieve ultimate fulfillment in the form of red meat. 7

Over the weekend, we flew to Florida for my uncle’s surprise 70th birthday party. Now, when I tell you that we flew on a private plane to go to a surprise party at the yacht club, you know that’s not how my life normally goes, right? But it was nice to pretend that it was. […]

This is as close to the Oscars as I will ever be. 2

Unless you live under a rock, you know that the Oscar nominations came out today. I was excited to see the nominations for Juno (which I loved), Once (the scene with “Falling Slowly” was my favorite scene of the whole year; heck, that was my favorite movie of the year), and Atonement (my favorite book […]

Stephen. 2

I got a letter today from my sponsored child, Stephen, who lives in Kenya. It’s upsetting to get a letter like this when you are worried about someone. All I know for sure is what I have read on CNN about the turmoil in that country, and that Compassion lists his center as one of […]

The heart of my soul does not need warming. 7

I don’t really want to tell you all how impatient I am with the undergrads in my education class (y’all, they are so annoying, with their talk of how 8am classes are too early and the way they say “education should warm the heart of the soul” and actually mean it. What does that even […]

This is a post to prove that I do read adult books. 5

In fact, I have made a deal with myself this year. Every time I finish a young adult book, I can read an adult book I’ve been looking forward to. Yay! I do not have to alternate, though. For example, on Saturday, I read Gossip Girl. And after that, I debated between White Teeth by […]

Slam by Nick Hornby 0

I started this book not knowing anything about it. I never do that. I didn’t even realize that’s what I had done until the story got going and I was like, “Is this thing that I don’t want to happen about to happen? Because it sure sounds like it.” And I asked Mike, “What do […]

Two videos that have made us laugh. 1

I don’t normally link videos, but these have given Mike his silly laugh, and that means they really should be shared. First, we love our epic films. We’ll be going to see this ASAP. (HT: Alissa.) And we are a little bit afraid of how much this actually seems like us. (Seriously. I don’t want […]

The Great Salsa Incident of Aught Eight. 1

Last night, our plan was to make black bean cakes according to Lucky 32‘s recipe. Except that I had to work on a spreadsheet for someone else at school, so I put Mike in charge of dinner. MIKE: What’s the salsa recipe? KARI: I was just going to use jar salsa. MIKE: We don’t have […]

Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac by Gabrielle Zevin 2

The premise of this book is pretty simple: a junior in high school falls down the stairs and loses about four years’ worth of memory. Although you have seen this story on a thousand and one soap operas, this book actually explores these issues instead of just having them be a convenient plot point. Naomi, […]

In which I teach you the truth about hieroglyphs and UFOs. 4

For her 30th birthday, my friend Melissa had a murder mystery party. I was an archaeologist who believed that hieroglyphics hold evidence that UFOs have come to earth. Here are some pictures from my expeditions! Here I am with my friend Indiana Jones. Perhaps you have seen some of his documentaries. We went together on […]

How Not to Be Popular by Jennifer Ziegler 0

Maggie Dempsey’s hippie parents still prefer a more nomadic life, so she’s not used to staying in the same place for very long. This move has her family headed for Austin, Texas, and Maggie is just plain tired. Tired of making new friends, tired of losing them again when her parents decide to try yet […]

Runemarks by Joanne Harris 0

I read Chocolat by Joanne Harris a few years ago, and enjoyed it overall. I think I like it better in retrospect than I did at the time, in part because my book club had a very good discussion of it. I definitely remember that the movie was not as good as the book (except […]

Finishing touches. 6

In the past year, I have realized something about myself. Some of my friends are quite good with finishing touches, such as nice wrapping paper, beautiful bows, that sort of thing. I, on the other hand, am no good at those things whatsoever. When I am going to buy someone a present, I spend a […]

And as the fireworks explode in a blaze of glory / It’s a brand new year 1

And thus ends the longest vacation that Mike and I have had together since our honeymoon. Of course, we didn’t go anywhere, or do much of anything, which was one reason it was so glorious. We had a lovely Christmas, and after that, we spent the rest of the break sleeping in, enjoying the sales, […]

100 Cupboards by N.D. Wilson 1

I put off reading The Golden Compass for a long time, not because I felt threatened by Philip Pullman’s “attack on religion” or whatever you want to call it, but because I read a lot of interviews with him in which he didn’t seem like a very nice person. I like to feel like I […]