Something other than Advent thoughts. Because I like to keep the customers satisfied.

What’s that? You would like to hear things from me other than Advent thoughts? You are sick of the Advent thoughts? You mean they’re just like my book reviews that no one reads? What do you people want from me? I can’t be funny all the time. (Well, I mean, I can, but you’re so fickle you’d probably get tired of that, too, WOULDN’T YOU?)

Here are some little snapshots of my life these days.

1. I made eight bazillion cookies for Christmas. (That is an exaggeration. I probably made about . . . I don’t know. Seven hundred?) I think I might hate cookies. (That is not an exaggeration. I am really sick of cookies.) If you give me cookies, I am CROSSING YOU OFF MY FRIENDSHIP LIST. There is a picture of our table covered in cookies (and pie, don’t forget the pie), but Mike hasn’t uploaded it yet.

1b. I really need a laptop so I can do that sort of thing on my own.

1c. But it sure is nice to be able to blame things on Mike.

2. I worked at the basketball game at my school on Monday. I was the ticket collector. I sat next to the principal, and we had the following conversation.

KARI: So, do you like basketball?

PRINCIPAL: Yes. How about you?

KARI: It’s my favorite sport. I love it.

PRINCIPAL: I like to watch Duke play.

KARI: I’m a Carolina fan.

PRINCIPAL: Oh. *makes face*

KARI THINKS: This is awkward.


Do you see that, people? I am probably going to get fired now. At least it will be for a worthy cause. Some people stand up for their faith at work, but I stand up for my basketball team.

3. Well, this is awkward. I don’t know how to tell you guys this. I’ve been reading . . . vampire romance novels. I KNOW. I KNOW. See, I was trying to figure out if my school should have those Stephenie Meyer books, so I thought I should read the first one. And oh, my heavens, it was so overwrought. So dramatic. So much passion. It actually made me uncomfortable, all that drama and passion. I like to keep my emotions at more of a distance. I was like, “Hey, everybody, calm down with the drama!” But the characters, they did not listen to me. Anyway, it was a little much for me, but it was still kind of fun. So now I am reading the second one. Stop judging me. It’s RESEARCH. For WORK. Also, it makes me giggle. OH MY GOSH, THERE ARE VAMPIRES. AND FORBIDDEN LOVE. AND MAYBE WEREWOLVES (but that part is just a guess because there haven’t been any actual werewolves yet. I just think that maybe there are going to be some). AND EVERYONE IS TALKING LIKE THIS BECAUSE THEY HAVE SO MUCH PASSION. In other words, they are totally appropriate for middle school, and I ordered several copies already.

3b. Seriously, though, I never thought I would enjoy a vampire romance novel quite this much.

3c. Please forget I ever said that.

3d. I have read other things. I swear.

4. Two words: Holiday. Sweaters.

4b. You just . . . wouldn’t believe . . .

4c. . . . there are no words.

4d. . . . you’re just going to have to imagine it yourself.

5. I have other things going on, but our main character is about to be attacked by a bad vampire, so I really need to get back to my vampire romance novel. Sorry.

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