Things That Are Not Awesome.

Subtitle: “Some days even my lucky rocketship underpants don’t help.”

(With my apologies to Brandi.)

1. Going-away parties at which people make it clear that you are stupid for choosing another profession. Apparently, at my new job, I am very likely to get stabbed. And have huge discipline problems. And no support from the administration. People do generally like to tell you horror stories/how awful your decision is when you are entering the school system, but one would think the going-away party would be a time not to share those thoughts, wouldn’t one. One would be wrong.

2. Professors who have information you really need and who do not email you back for two weeks, and whose phone numbers are disconnected. Disconnected!!?! I do not understand how this could happen. (I will feel really bad about saying this if she died.)

3. People who take something that is very very important to you and turn it into a petty power play. Congratulations, you just ruined something really special. You make me feel much better about the new job, even with all the stabbing.

4. Having to show my ID to buy Advil Cold and Sinus. Because only criminals get colds. I know, this has been going on for years. But it is still not awesome. I am not going to make any meth. Give me my cold medicine.

5. Our central heating/air conditioning unit upstairs still being broken. Hooray for blankets! And space heaters! (It’s been over a month. Since it broke the last time. Not counting the two times it broke over the summer.)

I do have one thing that is awesome, though:

1. Giving out Christmas candy (bought that very day) on Halloween. (Mike wore a Santa hat, and we played Christmas music. People were confused. It was, in fact, awesome. Merry Halloween, everyone.)

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