We stand with you, Linus.

Last night, Mike and I took a walk while waiting for the apple pie I made to cool. That’s right, I finally attempted the most American of all pies, the one we eat while watching baseball and Jerry Springer. While I doubt it would win any contests, I was pretty pleased with how it came out. I don’t know if this has come up here before, but I am not a huge fan of cooked fruit, and apple pie in particular is, well, not my favorite. But I wanted to make one because it seems like pie making at its most pure, and this one, with Granny Smith apples and a splash of bourbon mixed in, had a nice full flavor, kind of like cider. It was less sweet than a lot of apple pies, and the crust was tender and flaky. I had another piece this afternoon, and I am still pretty impressed with it. I didn’t take a whole lot of pictures, but here is a picture of what the pie looked like, in case you were wondering.


And here is a more interesting shot of it.


It made our house smell wonderful. Maybe that’s why people like apple pie so much.

While Mike and I were walking, we engaged in one of our favorite activities: harshly judging decorations. Our neighborhood, as I have mentioned, loves the inflatable lawn decorations. We saw inflatable pumpkins, inflatable ghosts spelling out “BOO”, graves, a strobe light that will probably cause accidents, the silhouette of a ghost in a window, and a lot of orange lights. I like Halloween, but . . . wow, I say. Wow. There were so many tacky decorations that Mike is reconsidering his desire for a Halloween tree. And thank heavens for that.

That’s not to say that we aren’t participating in the Halloween fun this year. It’s just that we happen to find sincerity and The Great Pumpkin more our style than, say, graves in our front yard.


That’s right! Mike and I did actually make something crafty! We made that sign! I know you are impressed. You will be especially impressed on Halloween night after The Great Pumpkin rises from this, the most sincere pumpkin patch, to deliver toys to the good children of the world. And, hopefully, cash for the adults.

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