This is a subject you never thought you’d see on my blog.

Some people have asked why I haven’t written about the rabbits since getting them. The main reason is that I don’t read it when other people write about pets on their blogs, so I can’t imagine why anyone would want to read about my pets. (Except your pet. I always read your entries. It’s other people’s pet entries I don’t read. Obviously.)

But, seriously. Sometimes Pamie will write about her cats and say that people have been asking how the cats are. Why are people asking about the cats? I always skip the cat entries. And I like cats! I would just rather read funny stuff or introspective stuff. Not cat stuff. I mean, the Kool-Aid Man conversation makes me laugh to this day. “OH… NO!” Stop asking about the cats, everyone.

Since most people do not have hearts as cold as I do, I will tell you a little bit about how the rabbits are doing. How the rabbits are doing can basically be described in one word, and that word is “humping.” (I guess that is what the rabbits are doing, not how they are doing. But do you really want to nitpick this point? I just said that my rabbits are humping.)

I will start in the beginning.

I didn’t really talk about where we got the rabbits, but we got them from the family member of a coworker. The rabbit owner moved away and left the rabbits here and I took them from her house after she moved. Basically, Mike and I have zero information about them. We do not know how old they are or what they used to eat or how they used to relate to each other. The only thing that we were told is that they are both girls (we sure hope this is true), they have been fixed (really really hope this is true), and that they are a mother/daughter pair.

We wanted to get a rabbit, to be sure, but we were by no means prepared to get one, let alone two. I was told that we could have them the same morning I picked them up. While Mike was in Costa Rica. They came with their own cage and stuff, but we weren’t ready. Especially for two. This meant that, as we were trying to figure out how to fit rabbits in our house, we switched their cage a couple of times, trying to see what they liked best and what best fit in our house.

I think that might have been a mistake. I think it really upset them.

After we settled on a cage situation, the bunnies seemed to be adjusting to us and to our house. We tried to keep them from chewing our carpet. We let them hop around. We started to be able to get them back to their cage without having to pick them up. And then, out of nowhere, Big Bunny started humping Tender Nibbles. A lot. It seemed to make Tender Nibbles very very unhappy (sad bunny noises, you guys!), which made us very very unhappy. At first we thought it was not necessarily a bad sign: Oh, they are comfortable here, now they are establishing social mores. And then it got more . . . pronounced. Almost more . . . violent. And it kept getting worse and worse.

Remember, we have no idea how they used to get along, whether this is new. We don’t know anything.

So, at this point, we have had to separate them. They have two cages. We don’t know what we are going to do or what would be best for them. Tender Nibbles? Doesn’t chew anything she’s not supposed to now that she is not constantly being assaulted. She’s actually very good and very happy. Some people have asked if the rabbits would be lonely if they were separated. It sure doesn’t seem like it. Well, Big Bunny might be lonely since she is no longer having her sexual needs filled.

Or maybe this has all been a huge practical joke at my expense and Tender Nibbles is going to pop out some baby bunnies. Wouldn’t you like a baby bunny of your own? Haven’t I made it sound oh so appealing to own a rabbit? hehe.

Just for the record: I am very happy we have the bunnies. They are so cute when they hop around our house. (I just want them to stop humping.)

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