Hello tender nibbles!

I’m not really an animal person, you know? So when I say that I had no choice but to drag the rabbit cage out into the yard and blast it with the hose, you understand that it was in some seriously bad shape, right? Horrifyingly bad. Those rabbits were living in filth. I have no idea the last time it was cleaned. Poor bunnies, we will do better for you (and probably get you a better cage, while we’re at it).

Oh, by the way, we got rabbits. Two of ‘em. Some of you will appreciate that I have suggested that we call them Big Bunny and Tender Nibbles. (They are a mother/daughter pair, and, no I’m not calling them Lorelai and Rory.) I can’t post pictures, because Mike is in Costa Rica and has the good camera. I got an email from him today. He’s taken 700 pictures so far. I love Mike, but I am not so sure I’m looking forward to that slide show. (Except for the pictures of the baby turtles. I would like to see those.)

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