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Austenland by Shannon Hale 0

Through the gift of an elderly aunt, Jane is given a trip to Pembrook Park, where ladies can fulfill all their Regency desires by dressing, acting, and flirting just like a Regency woman. This is a perfect trip for Jane, who is maybe just a little bit obsessed with Mr. Darcy (and Colin Firth). She […]

Gonna make a pie with a heart in the middle. 0

As the credits for Waitress were rolling, a woman on our row turned to her husband and said, “That was the weirdest movie I’ve ever seen.” She needs to get out more, because it’s not even the strangest movie I’ve seen this year. On the row in front of us was a man from our […]

Not what you want to read just before quitting time on Friday. 4

At least, not if you’re a librarian. Check out this Amazon review of Pride and Prejudice.