Daily Archives: 5/15/2007

“See you later.” 6

Spoilers for “Bon Voyage.” We’re all Gilmore, all the time here, lately, eh? Well, thanks for bringing up such a painful subject, since that was the last episode ever, and I won’t have anything else to to say about the show. Ever. Thanks. No, that’s fine. I’m not crying over here. There was no crying […]

My Gilmore Girls CDs. Yes, CDs. I am aware I have a problem. Stop judging me. 11

I’m not ready to talk about the episode yet (though there is a spoiler at the very end of this post), but to tide you over, here are the listings for the CDs I made as party favors for our series finale party. I didn’t mean to end up with two discs. It just happened. […]

Tonight’s the night. 1

There are about eight jillion wonderful articles about the end of Gilmore Girls tonight, but my favorite so far? Entertainment Weekly’s got Sean Gunn’s favorite Kirk scenes. Enjoy!