Was that our last town meeting ever?

Spoilers for “Unto the Breach” below.

Honestly, I thought this week’s was not as good as the past two weeks were. I liked Kirk-in-a-box, and Rory and Lorelai had some good scenes, and Sookie was fun. And Babbette and Miss Patty. And the town wanting to attend Rory’s graduation. And, of course, Paris and Rory graduating (it took us a few minutes to figure out that they graduate by dorm/housing). And Emily and Richard’s song! I couldn’t believe how sweet Richard was to Lorelai, calling her “sweetheart” and telling her that it was her day, too. Really nice moment for Lorelai and the grandparents. I cried, okay. Third week in a row. Clearly I have a problem.

Part of my frustration was probably with the Luke and Lorelai storyline. I mean, it’s fine, I know things will be fine next week. But I feel like . . . let me see how to explain this. At the end of season 4, Luke and Lorelai kissed, and then Luke had to run after Kirk and all summer I was kind of worried that the show would come back and do something lame like have both of them downplay it and be all, “If you want to forget about it we can.” Try and make drama out of a simple misunderstanding. And that’s what happened last night, and I hate that. I think the show can be better than that, and not have to resort to sitcom-y tricks like that.

[Here is where I should mention that I did enjoy the “arguing in the street parallel” to last year’s unspeakable finale.]

But, such is life. It was still miles better than most of the season. Speaking of which, even Christopher didn’t bug me too much last night. It would be nice to have the show exit with the idea that Christopher really wants to be part of Rory’s life . . . that’s what I wish they had done with him this year (or at some point, you know EVER) is have him and Rory deal honestly with his absence during her childhood. Last night was at least a little bit of closure in that department. I don’t hate him so much when he’s not trying to be with Lorelai, which is why I would have liked to have seen more Christopher/Rory over the course of the show. Oh, well.

But, of course, the big question is whether Logan is a self-centered jerk or just misunderstood and heartbroken. Now, I’m no fan of Logan, though I wouldn’t call myself a Logan-hater. There have been some scenes that I’ve enjoyed. I just like it better when he’s not around. I don’t know if I’m prepared to say Logan is a self-centered jerk, but there were certainly things last night that did not make him look very considerate. Here are my thoughts on The Logan Proposal Debacle.

1. A public proposal? Without making sure that she was okay with public proposals? Without making sure you were on the same page about getting married? I don’t think that makes it seem as if he considered her point of view. Also, I could not even watch the scene. That’s how awkward it was. Poor form.

2. And that whole “making sure they were on the same page” thing, let’s talk about that some more. Apparently a few weeks ago when they said they’d factor each other in, Logan meant, “We will be in the same place,” while Rory wasn’t ready for that level of commitment. I am not blaming anyone for that, but if they clearly weren’t on the same page, that’s not a good sign. The thing that looks bad for Logan, though, is that he didn’t consider that they weren’t in the same place.

3. It’s clear that Paris-and-Doyle were in direct contrast to Rory-and-Logan. How did Doyle handle it differently? He was willing to go wherever Paris went, because he wanted to be with her that much. Now, I’m not saying that Logan should have just waited around for Rory to get a job. By no means! But Doyle, in contrast, was willing to do whatever it took to be with Paris. Logan only wanted to be with Rory on his terms.

4. The whole all-or-nothing thing really seals the deal for me. If Logan really loved Rory, really loved her, he wouldn’t pressure her like that. This is probably the key thing for me. Is this how love would act?

5. And so, do I think it was really love? His actions at the end certainly didn’t make me think so. If he really loved her, wouldn’t he want her to be ready? Wouldn’t he be willing to wait? Wouldn’t he do what he needed to do for them to be together (which, at this point, is probably long-distance)?

6. And, on that note, to be fair, I want to turn that around and ask Rory the same questions . . . I do think that she fares well when we do that. She did seem to want to make him a priority and do what it took for them to be together, even if that meant long distance for now while they both started on their careers and got their feet under them. Not being ready to get married doesn’t make her a bad person, LOGAN.

For me, this isn’t about career vs. relationships. If Rory was ready to get married and wanted to get married to Logan, then, great, I guess. (It’s like when your friend dates/marries someone you don’t care for, I suppose.) If she’s happy at the end of the series, I’m happy. But if she’s not ready and Logan is pressuring her, if he’s not willing to even give waiting for her a chance . . . I don’t think he’s right for her.

Favorite scene? Kirk saying, “The rules are gray on that area.” Hee. Hee hee. Ladies and gentlemen, that’s how you have Kirk in an episode without irritating me. So cute.

And, in an act of nostalgia, I convinced Mike that, for this one last time, we should watch the promo. I wanted to see how they were promoting the series finale. And, let me tell you, Evil Promo Guy has totally given up on manipulating my emotions. He knows he has no power over me anymore so he tried to retaliate by giving everything away. I don’t even care, EPG! Bite me! But, dang, I hope next week still has some surprises in store! Hee hee.

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