New music Monday.

Hello Internet People.

I can’t think of anything interesting to say. But I have been working on my iPod a lot lately, finally making a playlist that I think is awesome. Here is what I am listening to lately, with, of course, the reasons why I am certainly loving each song.

“Heavenly Day” by Patty Griffin – Do I need to explain my affection for this? It’s beautiful and happy and sounds like spring. Every time I hear it, I secretly want to run through a field. Did I just say that out loud?

“Long Lost Brother” by Over the Rhine – They played this at the concert that Andrea and I went to, and I have been listening to it ever since. Favorite lyric? “Trouble is, I’m so exhausted / The plot, you see, I think I’ve lost it / I need the grace to find what can’t be found”

“Magic Trick” by M. Ward – Do you see this, internet? This is me caving on the issue of M. Ward. Mike . . . has won.

“Revolution” by The Beatles – I don’t ever need an excuse to put The Beatles on a playlist. I guess spring makes me want to revolt.

“Used To” by Daughtry – I like Chris Daughtry. His album is all kind of same-sounding, but a couple of the songs stand out. This is one.

“The Story” by Brandi Carlile – THIS SONG IS AMAZING. LISTEN TO IT. Mike downloaded it right away, but it took me a few weeks to really pay attention to it. I was wrong. I admit my mistake. This song is awesome.

“Only Up or Down” by Patty Griffin – We have obtained the Barnes and Noble exclusive songs from the new album, and I thought I’d try them out in my playlist. They are, of course, great.

“Hallelujah” by Over the Rhine – I found a version of OtR singing this, and it is as heavenly as you might expect. I have really come to love this song over the past few years, and I am always happy to find another great version of it.

“Up to the Mountain” by Kelly Clarkson – Kelly Clarkson? Singing Patty Griffin? I’m in. Plus, when we purchased it, the money went to charity! I can feel good about listening to it!

“O Valencia!” by The Decemberists – Did I mention, internet, that Mike has won? I give up.

“To Go Home” by M. Ward – Well, this is just embarrassing. I am a defeated woman.

“One Line” by PJ Harvey – Remember when Tristan offered Rory tickets to the PJ Harvey concert? And then Dean showed up at Chilton and she kissed him? Yeah, me too.

“Breakfast at Tiffany’s” by Deep Blue Something – Because this song is awesomely awesome. I miss 1996.

“On the Radio” by Regina Spektor – Here is a good chance for me to plug Regina Spektor. I have really been enjoying her album. Favorite Lyric: “We were on our knees / Praying that disease / Would leave the ones we love / And never come again” (Sorry my favorite lyric is kind of morbid.)

“Like a Rolling Stone” by Bob Dylan – Yep, still loving it.

“Chinese Translation” by M. Ward – I can’t even look you in the eye anymore, internet.

“Way Back Into Love” by Hugh Grant and some chick – The song is catchy. I am already embarrassed about the M. Ward and Decemberists. Please let me be.

“Fidelity” by Regina Spektor – This is the one I like the best of Regina Spektor’s songs. I first heard it, I think, on Veronica Mars.

“Never Again” by Kelly Clarkson – Not as good as “Since U Been Gone,” but still a solid bitter breakup song. I love the bitter breakup songs.

“Over You” by Daughtry – The other Chris Daughtry song I really like.

“Pop! Goes My Heart” by Pop – This song is a perfect fake 80s song. The video is even better. It makes me laugh every single time.

“Land of My Sojourn” by Rich Mullins – I have decided that this may be my favorite Rich Mullins song. I am not a hugely patriotic person, but this song connects with the people and things that I love about where I live. “Nobody tells you / When you get born here / How much you’ll come to love it and how you’ll never belong here”

“Kingdom Come” by Coldplay – I don’t really know why this is on here. It was on my old playlist, and I decided to leave it. I love how it opens.

“Sad, Sad Song” by M. Ward – I do have a reason for including this one. This is the song that M. Ward played at the concert where I looked around and saw people clearly having a deeply spiritual experience. I put it on my playlist in an attempt to understand. I still don’t get it.

“We Both Go Down Together” by The Decemberists – I haven’t been listening to this one much lately, but I thought if I was going to include “O Valencia!” I should include this one, too.

“Livin’ On a Prayer” by Bon Jovi – I can’t tell you that I’m listening to this because of American Idol. I have to come up with a better reason. SHOOT.

“Thirteen” by Big Star – This is another Gilmore-inspired song. In doing some research on songs that were played on the show (more on that later), I saw that Rory and Dean had a moment during this one, listened to it, and really like it. I know, I know, I am very late on this train. But it’s a great song.

“Free” by Patty Griffin – The other Barnes and Noble exclusive song. I can’t decide which one I like better, but I can tell you that I like both of them better than “Stay on the Ride.”

“Rollercoaster” by M. Ward – And so we come to the end. I closed the playlist with this song because this was how the concert ended. It’s pretty hard to top Brian on the piano, though, I must admit.

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