Daily Archives: 5/1/2007

“It actually tastes pretty good once you get past the whole ‘pornographic dessert’ issue.” 11

Spoilers for “Lorelai? Lorelai?” below. Holy Moses, I just wrote a nice long post and Firefox ate it! I’m so sad! And mad! I’m smad! My own fault, I know, but I’m still smad about it. (And why did hitting backspace make me lose the entire post? I don’t think it’s ALL my fault, okay?) […]

The glory of strawberry shortcake. 0

Last night I made strawberry shortcake, which has, in recent years, become my favorite dessert. Or maybe in my top three. I really like creme brulee. And chocolate fondue. Normally, when I make shortcakes, I make them with Bisquick. Because that is all I know. But then I checked out this book: The Glory of […]