Did I finally get to see the tortoises?


Oh, yes, I did.

Where I work is only about ten minutes from the zoo, so when Mike asked me if I could meet his class there for lunch . . . well, actually, there was some confusion. I repeatedly said the wrong day. But other than that, there was no problem. I had an extra hour of comp time anyway, so I saved it for the zoo. This time, the weather was lovely, and I got to see Tort and Retort, the Galapagos tortoises. I was completely delighted.

Here is a picture with some people in the background so you can see how big Tort is. He weighs 550 pounds. That is more than me, Mike, my mom, and my brother combined. In case you were wondering.


Here is Tort with his girlfriend/wife/partner (they didn’t speak to me about their relationship) Retort. As he walked up behind her, we were slightly afraid that we were about to witness kinky turtle sex. And then slightly disappointed when that did not happen.




And here I am (again, perspective should help you see how large he is), full of turtle love. Now that I know how easy it is to get to the zoo at lunch, I will definitely be returning. After all, Tort and Retort will only be here until October!


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